Saturday, 22 January 2011

Alamaks, over budget la...

Renovation rumahku agak over budget sikit but still affordable..~sigh~..

Duit oh duit, kenapakah ko macam air??senang saja berlalu pergi..

Tapi rumah dah nak siap..x sabar nak masuk rumah baru..hari2 pergi tengok progress die..

And so far, I'm liking it!!Our own house, with our own, personal touch to it...puas hati.

Alhamdulillah..everything is according to plan so far...

rumah baru to welcome our new family member!!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

According to plan..

I have this strong feeling that Dec 2011 is coming sooner than I thought it would be..

Guess what? My 2011 calendar is pack with things-to-do up until November. Isn't that great?Well,at least I have a better idea of my days to come in 2011. The only thing is whether I can keep up to it..

My year started with hectic schedules of accounts,audit,training,admin stuffs and my house renovation in between.So far, I have been managing the stress well but the workload does take its toll on me given the fact that I'm now 8 months pregnant..

But alhamdulillah,nothing serious and I am coping well. None of the things above is complete yet but I'm hoping it will before I give birth to my second baby.*rubbing my big,round tummy*

and I think I will be doing a lot of things from home even when I am 'dalam pantang'..

Company trip..

and ISO audit..

and more admin stuff..

and training..

and year end holiday..

and God knows what more waiting for me to organize and complete...

Ya Allah, give me strength to deal with all this..

For now, I'm looking forward for my next holiday end of this month. Cuti-cuti Malaysia of course since travelling by airplane is not a wise option at this stage of pregnancy..

Relaxing and rejuvenating are all I need now....I can almost smell the ocean and...eerrr...ikan bakar?*wink*

toodles peeps!