Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Introducing BlubellBlossoms!!

Ni online shop adik saya (saya partner tido jer) jemput2 la tengok and beli yer..

Shawl tu semue design adik saya sendiri..Klik je gambar di atas or kat belah kanan blog ni untuk ke blog nye...Cantik and quality terjamin!!

Support Malaysian product!!hehe..

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Let it be

Hi peeps,

I'm still in my confinement period.Not so much things to do.After all, orang selalu pantang ade baby nak jage..Me? I only have to take care of my self..No baby cries, no late nights berjage or what not.

No worries, I'm ok..Lesser time spent termenung and lesser time spent crying now..I have to look forward and get over it.but that doesn't mean I have forgotten my daughter.She'll always be in my heart.

I was in a store earlier this week with Qis, my mum and my sister.Yes, awal sikit dah mule keluar rumah.Kalau orang tua mesti bising kan?ok, back to my story..Suddenly worker kedai tu tanye:

Anak akak sorang je ke?

Terkedu. I just don't know what to answer..but having a few other workers and customers looking at me waiting for an answer, I nodded slowly and moved away. Bukan menidakkan aku ade lagi sorang anak but I prefer not to talk about it..

Once you tell them the story, they will start asking and seeking for answers. Itu yang aku taknak..Kang dah macam storry teller pulak kat situ. Plus tak suke nak tengok muke kesian orang..

Let it be a story known by those who knows me. Let it be.