Monday, 29 March 2010

Resume please!!

Announcement peeps!! (selingan kejap)

Account & Admin Executive
Diploma in Accounting
Familiar with UBS System
Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply

Please forward your resume at or fax it at 03-40224814.
Please call 03-40224811 should you have any queries.


p/s: We are looking for a fast learner, easy to work with,and happy-go-lucky..(ok,I mean, I AM looking for those criteria..coz I'll be working with him/her.xnak orang banyak alasan and cengeng!)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Dugaan seorang ibu..

My little Qistina is again,demam..Semalam pas amik die dari nursery dah rase badan die panas sikit..So balik tu terus bagi die ubat..xnak meleret..And everything seems okay petang tu..cerie je die cam selalu..

But that night, badan die macam panas balik..I had the feeling that I won't be having a good night sleep malam tadi.And yes, Qis terjage merengek2 pukul 3.30 pagi..puas di pujuk..bagi susu,dodoi sume macam tak jalan..

Badan die pun me cepat2 bukak baju die,amik kain basah and lap2 badan die..Nasib baik kepale tak panas sgt..but me still tuam kain basah tu atas kepale die..baru Qis nak tido balik..tak berbaju anak mama tido sampai pagi..dalam aircond lak tu..panas dalam agaknye..

And as I had predicted,the rest of my sleep terganggu..kejap2 terjage nak tengok Qis sejuk ke lah, tak berbaju...ok je badan and kaki die..tak sejuk pun..

So today, I brought her to the office..xnak la hantar nursery..kang jangkit ngan budak lain..I thought of updating bout my langkawi trip day 2..but I guess that has to pun tak leh nak ngadap pc kecik ni dok tarik2 kaki...

Okay to go..


Monday, 22 March 2010

tutup ke tak tu???

*mode mengamuk geram*

okay,maybe mode ni lambat sikit datang...hari ni baru nak blog bout it..

last week ku nampak iklan Ratu dalam paper..ade sale RM39 per tudung..murah la tu..sebab selalunye tudung ratu ni RM50 ke atas je..mesej pun die dok anya kat handphone ku..member la katekan..

So baru-baru ni ku pergi la ke Ratu..dah prepare nak beli a few sebab hari tu lalu tengok cantik2 tudung die..

Masuk kedai tu aku pun belek-belek tudung2..cantik jugak plus banyak kaler..boleh la aku mempelbagaikan koleksi kaler tudung2 aku..

aku: dik, ade size ke tudung ni?ni macam pendek la...
adik Ratu: xde la kak..satu size je...semue size M...
aku:owh yeke...nape xde kalau akak pakai kecik la..
adik Ratu: eh, tak kecik la kak..besar..tutup dada..meh saya try..

aku dah macam nak sembur but aku diam je layan...

adik Ratu: ha ni..kan tutup tu...

sambil menunjukkan tudung tu tutup dade die cukup-cukup je...

aku:adik, memang la adik pakai besar,tutup dade..cube adik bezekan dade adik n dade akak..same ke?ni kalau akak pakai,separuh dade pun belum tentu tutup tau!

sambil aku berlalu meninggalkan kedai itu..frustrated and agak geram...

Haih..memang banyak tudung cantik and trendy sekarang..but payah nak cari yang tak jarang,n besar..bukan aku mintak yang besar macam tudung labuh tu..belum la lagi sampai ke situ..tapi yang just nice and decent for me to wear...

ingat semue perempuan kat dunia ni kecik2 ke?abis orang macam aku nih xnak tudung trendy2?of course al nak! but menutup ape yang patut la...

hish!kalau pk,memang nak marah..don't get me wrong...ade orang tak kesah nak pakai tudung camtu,itu pilihan entry is not to judge..aku just nak bagi pendapat supaya banyak sikit choice kat market tu..


Day 1:The 'my-first-time-boarding-a-flight day..'

Alhamdulillah,akhirnya dapat ku mencurik sedikit masa untuk mencoret kisah percutianku ke Langkawi..Trip ni dah lama di plan.Tiket flight pun beli November 2009.This time ade jeki lebih sikit so kami decide untuk bawa mak and ayah mentuaku sekali...

Arriving in Langkawi International Airport

Flight ke Langkawi pukul 4.10 ptg.Seawal 2.00 petang kami dah ade di sane..punye lah lame tunggu kat counter check-in tu, 45min pastu baru ade orang datang kat kaunter..teruk betul servis Air Asia ni..memang tiket murah but servis low okay!!Ape lagi,kene la sembur ngan abe ku..nasib la kan...

Waiting for our delayed flight

This was the first time both my father and mother in law board a flight..but alhamdulillah everything turned out well..The flight was delayed for about an hour late..macam saje je nak prolonged kegementaran my parents in law..Qistina la orang paling becok dalam airport and flight tu..habis semue orang yang lalu lalang nak ditegurnye...over-friendly la anak mama nih...

On board,susah-payah suh Qis duk diam..

We arrived in Langkawi at about 6 pm and cepat2 cari kereta sewa to be used for the next few days..In Langkawi, car rental will be the most convenient mode of transportation.Loads of sighboard,good,clear,readable map plus hassle-free road!Plus,I was a brilliant map reader there!!hahahaha..*mode angkat bangkul sendiri jap*

We were prepared to rent a local car...budget, of course!but after minutes of bargaining (funny as it sounds,selalunye pompuan yang reti bargain2 ni kan?but ku tak reti..hubby ku yang buat selalunye..haha..), we ended up renting Nissan was sooo cheap!RM260 for 3 rite?Merase bawak Nissan Sentra..

Kat check-in counter,LCCT

Then,off we go to Kuah Town searching for Century Suria Apartment..Tak susah pun nak cari..Nice 2 bedroom apartment with fully furnished living room and kitchen..We are satisfied.The accomodation worth every penny!

That night we ventured out to Kuah Town,cari tempat makan and a store to buy foods and drinks to stuffed up our fridge before we call it a night..

We needed the rest for tomorrow..I think Qis and my parent-in-law need it the most..I have lined-out the places-to-visit for the next day and I tell you,memang memenatkan..So ku tidur dengan harapan,tomorrow willbe a good and fun day for us all....


Sunday, 21 March 2010


I know,I this time you must be wondering "bile mase la si Ain ni jual baju, tetibe nak stock clearance sale pulak.."
Don't be suprise..I have been selling this 'baju muslimah' for quite some time..but I never thought of doing it online until now!coz I really need to clear out all my stocks..So here it goes..

availabe sizes:xs,s,ml,xl
POSTAGE FREE..DIULANG,FREE OKAAYYY!!(yes, I am that desperate to clear out all my stocks..told you!)
So kepade yang berminat,leave out a message in the 'comment' area,shout out box,or email me at or even better if you text me at 019-2636096 for stock confirmation and account no (for payment).
The material is very good and stretchable with pocket!I have all the colours myself and I wear it frequently!(okay,I suck at promoting things..but seriously, baju ni kain die best!)
I might as well stop here before I say anything that would make my stocks sounds ugly!!haha..

Friday, 19 March 2010


My blog has been idle for quite some time.I know.

Adibah: Ain,update la blog..bukak2 asik yang same je...
Ain: Oh ya!banyak gile bende la deeb this few weeks...Will do soon!

Seriously, I have too much on my plate since I got back from Langkawi.I managed to blog on my princess' birthday but that's it.

So much had happened and so much more to do.


Okay, I certainly don't want to rant bout this now.Will try to get it done and over with as soon as possible!

p/s:deeb,nanti ku update k..time kasih membace blog ku was flattering!*shy-shy*

Friday, 12 March 2010

12 months since that day...

It has been a year..but I can still remember the pain and the agony of giving birth to Arissa Qistina Sani.I won't ever forget that day..The day I first laid my eyes on her and hear her first cry..The day my life changed to be a better one..

11 MAC 2009.

Yesterday, 11 MAC 2010, it's my baby's birthday.To tell you the truth, I am the most excited one.I have tons of ideas of presents and birthday bash plans for her..

I can tell you, she barely understand what's the occasion yesterday.She stares blankly at my face when I first wish her and sang the birthday song to her but it's only for a few sec before she dance and smile happily at the song.She would dance and clap her hands each time someone sing her the birthday song.

Happy Birthday to my beloved daughter, Arissa Qistina Sani bt Sanizabri!May you grow up to be a wise,smart and wonderful person..and abover all,'jadi anak yang solehah'..

She can now walk confidently, dance to any music, say hi and shake everybody's hand, talk like she knows everything, imitates people's behaviour and much more..Most of the time,I would be suprised of the things she's capable of..

Will organize her a small but fun birthday bash soon!with families and close friends..I doubt she would understand that we are celebrating her on that day but I am sure she'll be the happiest person in the room to see kids of her age or maybe older on that day..

toodles peeps!

p/s: I will be updating you guys on my langkawi trip much had happened since the day I was back from Langkawi..but things are better now and I will certainly share my experiences on the trip ASAP!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Langka-Weeeeeeeee..are you ready for us??

Maka esok bermula lah journey kami ke Langkawi..Dari November 2009 dah beli tiket..mase tu ade ekonomi promo so terus je grab the opportunity..

Kali ni jalan bawak mak and ayah mentuaku sekali..this will be the first time they board the flight..So hopefully everything went well..

I have list down the places-to-visit in Langkawi..tak tau la sempat ke tak melawat semua sekali..dengan cuaca yang panas dan kering ni,hopefully we manage.Ade budak kecik and warga emas ni, we'll just see..yang penting diorang selesa.

I am almost finish packing.My parents-in-law will be ariving tonight.Our flight is at 16.10pm tomorrow.Adoi,malasnye nak gi LCCT tu..macam pudu pun ade..ramai umat manusia kat situ..

So,off to Langkawi tomorrow..SHOPPING for me certainly!but tak tahu la kan..sometimes I am damn excited to go shopping but ended up buying nothing!iI think this is one of the curse of being an accountant!CALCULATIVE!

Nak bile tu ini, otak ni dah berkira2..haha..well, let's just see eh?Will update the details on our trip nanti peeps!

pray us a safe journey!