Monday, 31 December 2007

29/12/2007, a date to remember..

Getting ready..

With my fiance..

With my wonderful friends


The gilaness..Dirah..
To those who were not invited, don't get me wrong..It's not that I don't want to invite but it's just a small ocassion.I promise I will invite ya'll for my big day..Kalu ade yang kecil hati, I am so sorry..So this entry was meant to share the happy day..

Move aside 2007! Welcome 2008..

2007 is so history tomorrow..It's new year, new journey, new wishes, new determination and new chapter..Hopefully this year will be a better one for all of us.A year of joy, luck, and happiness. I certainly hope this new year to be a good one with lots of good things and of course MONEY!!haha..Work will always be the same and in fact I can tell you that it will be worst but apart from that, 2008 is a year I've been waiting and looking forward for..I will be shifting to a new chapter of my life, Insyallah..

So guys, Happy New Year and I wish you a good and prosper year next year.To those who are still sitting for ACCA exams, Good Luck! To those who strive for a better life, don't give up! To those who still lead a life none other than bitching others day and night,GET A LIFE! To those who are still searching for Mr Perfect, open your eyes wider coz sometimes wut you are looking for is in front of you and to those who think doing nothing is a perfect life (lepak2 habiskan duit mak bapak), please get a brain surgery! Haha..



Dirah : May this year be a better one for you.I wish you all the happiness in the world coz you deserve it and you will always be considered as my little sister forever!

Myn: I wish you all the happiness in the world as well and may you have a happy, joyful year and always remember that I will always be your friend (yang selalu mengacau hidup anda)..haha..

Wani: Cik Wani, if you happen to read this entry, I wish you a prosper and wonderful new year and may you find Mr Perfect this year.Remember to introduce to me once you find one for screening k!haha..

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Give me an A.U.D.I.T..SUCKS!

I've been thinking bout the job I'm doing now..I still couldn't find a reason to agree that it's worth it..Yeah, it does give hell loads of exposures but that's it.I've been considering to go somewhere else but here I am, doing what I've been doing for the past 10 months still.This is where the image of Barisan Nasional's punye lambang tu (penimbang) comes into the picture, weighing between leaving or staying..I will be merunguting one night, telling my freinds how I can't stand the job and how depressed I was but I will be fine the next day, doing the same thing, the same procedures that I was bitching about last night..weird huh?..welcome to the other side of my life...
I had too much of audit already..somebody please get me out of here!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

This thing called LOVE..


Everyone has different opinion when it comes to love..Some find that love is important and some even find love menyusahkan. You might not agree with me, but throughout this few years, I found that love is a journey of discovering your strength and weaknesses and also getting to know yourself more that sometimes, you never thought you are capable of doing such thing. Love does turns someone into a more mature person but this does not applies to everyone, not to i'm-always-right kind of person.

Throughout this few years, I have learnt that everyone has a different type of love story in their life and trust me, I have witnessed a few intresting one and eventhough it's not mine to bother, somehow you can't avoid it. The funny thing in life is, sometimes the things that taught you about life are not those which involved you, but its the things that happened to people around you.

Well, I have my own love story which might be intresting to some people but boring to others. Looking back, there are things that I wish I can change and there are moments that I wish to happen again.Along the way, I have discovered my strength and weaknesses, I get to know more about my love and I get to learn that I have a few friends that will always be there for me no matter what. Those who won't judged me for the path that I chosed but won't keep shut if they think what I did was wrong and I am thankful and blessed for that.

There was ups and downs in my love story and there was once, I almost lost my faith in love but sometimes you have to listen to what your heart says.Everything happens for a reason and life is not always a bed of roses.I learned that love is about give and take, it's about accepting differences and weaknesses, it's about forgiving, it's about letting go of the past, it's about discovering yourself, it's about being a better person and believing that you deserve the best in love.

I know that some were dissapointed with the decision I made in life especially on my relationship and I can totally understand why. I know people talk behind my back but it doesn't bothers me at all. I thank those who has been really understanding and supportive to me eventhough I know they do feel disappointed as well (deep inside la..) and I know they love me and only want the best for me. At the end of the day, it's my life's that I'm deciding and I know my decision now dictates the life I will lead in future but you can never know about it and can only hope for the best and of course berusaha from now.Life is about taking chances and failure is not the end of everything coz sometimes, it can be a start of something..

I will be getting engaged soon and I hope and pray that starting from now, we both will be more mature in making decisions and stronger in facing obstacles..Insyallah..

Friday, 9 November 2007


  • I hope it is not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends..It is almost two month since I update my blog aite?Well, too bad coz the 'peak month' of audit has just practically I will be busy until the next April..My raya celebration is just biase. This year I had to give out duit raye as I have started working..Seriously, why can't the rule applies only when we get married..Why can't i still get my duit raye..I spent about RM1000 for this year duit raye!Bukan merungut, but actually I kinda like the feeling when I give out duit raye to my siblings and my cousins as well as anak2 buah..(yang kecik2 je la)..Yela..bile diorang look at me and say 'thank you kak long' with a big smile on their faces..hehe..
  • Went to Zana's open house...Dirah and the bf, Elly, Shigim, Myn and the bf ,Bad, Asrul and Ina and a few other.. Had fun walau pun jumpe kejap je..I didn't make it for the PD trip..I wish I was there but had things to do..Sorry Dirah dear..Dengan mynn pun tak dapat nak hang out..Sorry ye cik myn..Nasib baik awak jumpe jalan ke rumah Zana..Kalu tak,tak jumpe langsung le kite..Sorry i didn't go to mid..I'm sorry the lunch tak jadi..Seriously cik myn, don ever2 trust an auditor..they always broke their promises..haha..Anyway, make sure you can get back here for my wedding..
  • I really miss Dirah rite now...lots of things to tell her..yeah, i know..handphone ade..but there are some things I prefer to tell her face to face..I have many friends..but only a few of them are close friends..Some of them are special to me..and I hope that this frenship that we have will continue to grow and last forever no matter what..hehe..jiwang lak..Seriously, eventhough we seldom hang out or seldom meet,don get me wrong, it's not that I don want to but somehow ade je bende nak buat..And sometimes,I'm just too lazy to go out sebab my work is like h*** and maybe that is just me..
  • I'm a bit busy this month and next work plus my engagement end of December..Ni belum real wedding lagi nih..Next year lagi worst..peak season of auditing plus my wedding?I'm so gonna need a wedding planner!!911!!Cik Dirah, sudikah anda menjadi wedding planner tak bertauliah saye?haha..well, hopefully everything goes as planned..
  • Started buying the hantaran slowly..hehe..spotted a nice and just the perfect ring for my engagement..thank you dear..Found a perfect package for my engagement..Hopely everything goes well..Insyallah..

Lastly, Selamat makan Marukku!hehe..

Thursday, 13 September 2007


The title says it all.So Selamat berpuase everybody!Semoga mendapat keberkatan di bulan yang mulia ini..

p/s: cik dirah, kite mesti bukak pose sesame satu hari tau..wajib!miz u gile!

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Bla..bla..bla..(tak tau nak letak tajuk ape)

I had a blast holiday.Took leave for 3 days so 5 days of holiday (from work) including weekend.

I'm unassigned (it means I am not assigned to any engagement for now).Seronok pun ye,boring pun ye jugak coz all day duduk ofis buat bodoh..haha..

Akhirnye went to spent a nite at Dirah's house after a few times tak jadi and of course,gossips...gossips...all nite...(actually not all nite la sebab pukul 12.20 camtu I dah lelap..)

Find this in one of my girlfren's blog 'nobody should ever make you feel like s**t and that you don't deserve better'.I concur!Nobody should and never ever allow it to happen coz they will pijak your kepale once they realized they have succeeded in making u feel that way.So,it's quite important to have good frens around you to help you see things that we can't see..

Finally, I'm officially booked!


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My Favourite...

I curi this idea from one of my friend's blog (thanks Julie dear!)

My favourite smell
Polo Black (for men) and bau daun kari...Ahhhhh..
My favourite sleeping position
'Mengiring'..Erm..what do you call that in English?I really tak ingat la..
My favourite animal
It has to be cat! Tapi malangnye,I'm so alergic to them..But I love cats so much that sometimes I tend to forget that I'm alergic to their furrrr,to be precised..Miss Bina and Fab!
My favourite house
Gotta be the Pandan Perdana house.Why?Coz of the people living in it sampe I think that house is for Orang Sakit Jiwe..haha..We had hell of a time!
My favourite drama
Should I mention this?Or more to repeat this?Haha!Drama 'Maafkan Aku' (with a bit of a stunt where the hero hantuk kepale haha) staring Dirah and *ttuutt*.haha..Jangan mara eh kakak..Luv u!
My favourite time of the day
Balik keje awal..
My favourite voice
Those I love..especially mase ngah tension, and they call me to cheer me up..
My favourite season
Musim buah..langsat..rambutan..manggis..durian..Jangan jeles ye Julie!haha..
My favourite event
Family holiday!
My favourite moment
Hmmmm..I'll keep this to myself for now k..
My favourite line
Ngomong sama tangan!haha..

Sunday, 19 August 2007

A graduation to forget...

Had my graduation yesterday.All I can say is that my college doesn't know how to appreciate it's student at all.I regreted going even I was there for my ACCA.Oh,I almost forgotten,who am I kidding.I am talking about my can I expect them to recognised and realised the value of ACCA.Don't get me wrong,I'm not talking bout mdm Husni.I know she's done all she can.She's the best mentor and I know she is as dissapointed as Wani and me.

Here how the graduation went.We were there (me and Wani) as we were told that this year our college nak buat special sikit coz this is the first batch under them with a 100% pass.So we thought,ha...finally college nak give acknowledgement and recognition to its student.Yela..bile tak lulus cakap 'kenape tak boleh lulus.Sepatutnye lulus and tak lulus is not an option' I mean,hello..we are talking about ACCA if you haven't notice.Cakap senang la..Cube sit for the exams.It really shows the mentality of certain people when they talk about ACCA as if it is thesame as other courses.

I'm not saying ACCA is the best and other courses are not.Other courses are in their on class and so does ACCA.I mean if we really look at it, there is not many anak melayu with ACCA qualification.So,macam mane kite nak sedarkan anak melayu that ACCA is good and it will add value to ourself especially sebagai anak melayu yang selalu dianggap ketinggalan oleh bangse lain if they can't see the recognition given to those who passes.For a start,how can their student see that kat luar orang recognised people with ACCA qualification if college itu sendiri tak recognised and appreciate?

Seriously,I felt as if I was at the graduation to accept a diploma or something.Wani and I amik sijil sekali ngan budak2 DBS and CAT.Like,how would people know which one is which you know what I mean?I'm not asking for a first class treatment.Bukan mintak dilayan macam raje..Cume we were hoping that we are appreciated or at least acknowledgement..Tapi satu pun tak..Big DISSAPPOINTMENT there.And kesian our parents datang jauh2 just to see and ordinary graduation.Sumpah kalu aku tau macam tu, I would not have come at all.Bazir RM180 je..

Bile kite tak lulus,macam2 dicakap (certain people) but when we lulus, they expect us to carry the college name and promote them but what do we get in return?I would not be proud of the college,where I studied if the college itself does not appreciate and recognised its student.Because all this while, aku dengan banggenye sebut buat ACCA kat K*** walaupun aku tau orang pasti akan tanye 'katne tu?'.But that will change for now on.But this doesn't mean I have forgotten the lecturers who have been a great mentor and teacher throughout my study.They are part of the reason I am where I am now.

As my father said, HANYA MANIKAM KENAL JAUHARINYE!Panjang lagi kalu nak will never end.HAHA..

Till then guys..

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What I Did,Do and Will Do..

Went out with Dirah last Saturday.Thanks for temaning me dear.Tiring journey.Habis satu Bangi and Kajang we pusing2..haha..lucky I was with Dirah..It turns out to be a fun one!

Watched Rush Hour 3 with my family later that nite.Nice!Hilarious!

Work is as usual.Group trip to Bali has been cancelled coz a lot of people don wan to go.So the place has been changed to Langkawi(we only have to pay 100 u know).But who cares,I'm not going anyway.Not for this year at least.Malas la..Don't feel like goin.If going with those who went to perhentian with me,then definitely I'll go!

Went for a photo sessionwith my family.It has been a while since we take family photos.I mean studio photos.

Sungek's wedding is just around the corner.2nd September 2007.I'm going one day earlier.

My graduation is this Saturday.

*the end*

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

What I did last week..

I went makan2 at Rosdet with my officemate..
I went for my training..
Dirah called me and we talked and laugh of course!
And the best part was,I have watched TRANSFORMERS!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The girl with no time..

Life is just busy this few weeks..Been going to Shah Alam for 2 weeks..Auditing a client there..Just imagine I have to ulang-alik pegi shah alam for two weeks plus continue my work in office at night and it's just tiring.I'm lucky that the client is nice..

I have no time to go out.Well, not no time la, but I prefer to stay home when I got free time coz I'm hardly at home during weekdays.Weekdays-home is just like a hotel to me..Just a place to go back and sleep.Weekend-Baru rase cam kat umah.People who work like me, are those who would understand what I feel.Betul tak Dirah?

I miss Dirah.Haven't meet her for quite some time.Lucky ade gadget called TELEPHONE.Thanks to it,we can still keep in touch..Just press her no,and the laughter will automatically starts.Haha.. She's working now and I bet it will be even more difficult for us to hang out together.One day k kakak..Malas nak janji..One thing I can tell u, never ever listen to an auditor's promises especially when it comes to a date.Trust me, we seldom have the chance to fulfill it.Bukan tak nak, but sometime we just can't.Thanks to the work load!

Went out and watched Harry Potter..I like it.Well, for someone yang tak bace buku die, the movie is great! at least to me!haha..Transformers pun I tak tengok lagi..Malunye..Rase soooo ketinggalan.Well,that's about it..This few paragraphs tell most of the things that happened these few weeks..And work was a major part of it..Haha..Till then..

Sunday, 8 July 2007

People judged us as much as we do..

Judging people is what we do everyday..We just can't help it because sometimes we don't even realised that we are judging people..I know coz I did that to..I met one of my old fren recently.We haven't contacted each other for quite some time..She told me her side of the stories when I ask her bout it.Well, I heard the other side of the stories and I didn't like it at all and that was one of the reason why I didn't bother to contact her sometime..She can never understand why people can't stop talking bout her and made up stories..well my dear, that's people..Mulut orang ni bukan bleh nak ditutup..So, it's either you what tak tau or you start talking too..But I like the latter better and that's what she did..Yes, she was judged and yes I did judge her too..Listening to her side of her story makes me pity her and rase bersalah sikit2 sebab I did judged her too..But I still don't like how she treats people sometimes..It's just selfish to me..To whoever it is,if you happen to read this entry and terase,I'm sorry.. jangan ambil hati k..I still love you and you are still my fren..I know the feeling when people judged us on what we do and I know it sucks..

The truth is,like it or not, we are being judged by people around us every second and that is part of life..What we wear, how we talk, what we eat, who we see, who we love..We are judged on all this and on everything we do..What I can suggest is, just live with it and never take things to heart..Just don't care what people say as long as you know who you are and you believe what you did is right..But sometimes, other people can see the things that we don't know bout ourselves..So before we melenting on what they said, give it a thought first..We can never stop people from talking but it would be nice if we can buktikan that what they said was wrong wouldn't it?..


Sunday, 1 July 2007


Moving out is tiring..seriously!..been busy moving out things and cleaning the house these few days..Sangat2 meletihkan..We came in early in the morning yesterday, Dirah bought me breakfast (thanks dear) and then sesi angkat mengangkat and buang mambuang pun bermule..I thought I had moved out most of my stuff but I was wrong..banyak lagi ghupenye..damn!Went to dirah house later to put some of my stuff there and we even had the time to gossip for a while..haha..Thank god Dirah was there..or not I'll be doing it alone..That's even worst..

Met the agent this afternoon and there it is..Finally,its over..but I'm gonna miss that house..It's cozy and I just love it.If it wasn't because of the rats,and the sink and the door (banyaknye..) we might not move out..The agent was amazed when I told him that the rats dig a hole at the kitchen to enter our house and curi our foods!Haha..believe it guys..But I'm glad it's over..And I am still tired and my badan is still sakit2..Adoi...

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I'm blessed..

There is no special reason why I posted my family pictures in my blog.I am just thankful and blessed for having such a great family and I can't ask for more.My abah and mama are so loving, caring, understanding, and they raised me up perfectly!They played a major part in guiding me to be who I am now, to achieve what i have achieved and will achieve in life.They are just so great and tell me whay should I ask for more?
My siblings? They are the best ever! Losing a brother (al-fatihah to arwah Mohd Afiq Mohd Amin) brought us even closer to each other..We learned to appreciate each other more and we built a stronger bond..
To me, my family is special in every ways..
I'm thankful to have them as my father and mother

I'm thankful to have them as my brothers and sister..

Monday, 25 June 2007

Happy Moments..

Listed below are some of the happiest moments in my life..:
1. Passing ACCA ( I was jumping up and down sampe bergegar rumah ni). I can still remember the happy faces of my Abah and Mama..
2. My trip to Pulau Perhentian...I can't describe how happy I was that time but I will never forget that trip..Rumpun..Labu-Labi..Orang Gile!HAHAHA...The best companies ever!If only I could turn back time..
3. Living together with my ex-crazy-housemates..Those are the most enjoyable,happiest,craziest and unforgetable memories..Seriously, I will never,ever-ever forget the Boria thing..haha..
4. Pillow talk with Nadirah Lahuree..Haha..Seriously, we just can't stop talking and laughing until we fall asleep..We would talk, laugh, laugh, talk and suddenly..silence..
5. Main bunge api and mercun with my housemates..Do you guys still remember that time? We are like kids trapped in a full-grown body..Full grown ke?..haha..Madness..Lari2 sambil hayun bunge api..Well, technically..Syamin je yang camtu..
6. My final year in Sekolah Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Pekan..Full of memories..Mostly good ones..I miss those times..especially when we were starving and came up with crazy ideas which I think you don't want to know..

I Have Issues With..

I have issues with...people who are beautiful/good looking but they just can't stop talking bout it...

I have issues with...people who always take but just don't know how to give..

I have issues with...people who can't accept being second.People who can't take it if others are better than them..

I have issues with...people who busy talking bout others' mistakes but failed to admit theirs..

I have issues with...MAT REMPIT..Do they know, whenever they do the willy or 'superman' thing, I go EEWWW instead of WOW?Kesian..Syok sendiri..

I have issues with...people who is selfish and always want things to go their way..

I have issues with...those 'penyek2' car..Nice to see but not practical enough..well,at least not for me..

I have issues with..people who do not work hard but expect more than what they deserved..

I have issues with..people who likes to criticise others but can't accept one..Haha..Pelik...pelik..

I have issues with...actually, I have issues with a lot of things..but if I continue with my list, I might be ended up in ISA or something..haha..

Friday, 22 June 2007


I've been away in client's place these few days..Haven't been in the office for a while Lucky, I just had streamyx installed in my house last wednesday..It's about time that we had one anyway..Suprise huh? Yes, my house tak pernah ade internet since dulu2..(dengan malunye mengaku).But having it at home won't guarantee that I'm going to update this blog of mine everyday..Work is just so tiring and browsing thru the internet is just not in my must-do-list when i get back home.

We are moving out finally..I will stay with my parents from now on..No more late nite supper, no more jalan2 cari makan ( but this will continue whenever i spent the nite in Dirah's house coz it is just our tradition..aite dirah?) and no more..well, lots of other things..On the other hand, there's a lot of good things too..Well, the only things that I can think of is free dinner, no rent, free laundry, no electricity bills nor water bills and no things that require money or in other words, no bills..haha..bad thinking huh? or is it wise thinking?hmm..I think the latter is better..

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

I am Nurul 'Ain coz I'm Nurul 'Ain la..

It was my besday yesterday.Did nothing,eat and then work again.Just when I thought this would be the most forgettable birthday of all, my family did prepare for a celebration.Well, even if it is just a small cake, but I had a lot of fun. The best part was, diorang siap beli topi cam bebudak tu n tiup2 cm trumpet tu! It's like they are celebrating a 6 years old kid's besday..haha..saje nak kenekan aku..but it was fun and we laugh all the time..Thanks to those who wished me.And dirah dear, u still have to treat me dinner tau.R.O.S.D.E.T will do!

23 years old..I'm 23?But i still watch cartoons u know..that's not a crime isn't it?I think it's better than watching Natasha yang melambangkan kebodohan seorang wanita yang dah jadi CEO.Taik depan mate pun tak nampak bile dah lembab melantun camtu..Haha..No offense to those who really likes to watch it!Nurul 'Ain will always be Nurul 'Ain..I'll still kacao my frens, i'll still laugh out loud, i'll still be a i-don-care-what-u-think person, and the madness?yup, will still be that kind of person.Praying and hoping for a better future with loads of money of course but i hope i didn't ended up being as stupid as natasha or as lembab as her..haha..

Monday, 11 June 2007

...ex-housemateku yang gile...

Dirah: Most of the times blurr..(those days la..huhu..) but now not so blurr as i had trained her how not to be soooo blur.haha..and she evolved..nice!A perfect company for makan2 purposes and pillow talk! She listens and never judge and i can tell her anything.She's sooo tak berkire, and never afraid to admit her weaknesses.

Myn: Most of the time blurr jugak..a bit secretive and sometimes malu2 kucing(i know she's acting, kan myn?)..she dances well but mandi sgtlah lame..she loves to use my notes and others as well sebab she says,she understands more that way..hmm,wierd huh?still that kind of person ke, my A cup fren?or is it B now?haha...

Elly: The most secretive of her,it's all Biarlah Rahsia eventhough sometimes it is not so rahsia sebenarnye..Sangat malu2 nak makan..amik makanan pun segan2..(until sometimes rase nak bagi je seperiuk kat die suh abiskan, nak kan elly?) but she's simple and tak amik ati sgt biarla kite sound die teruk2 pun..haha..wat to go girl!

Zana: Agak blurr jugak..( i realised most of my former housemate ni slow2 ghupenye..).U'll think she's a quiet type of person when u first meet her but wait till she starts talking.She has a cool mum who looks like her twins.She loves shushi and a good company for makan2 jugak..

Julie: Ini memang budak gile..I first know her during KPTM induction. Tak tahan aku tgk tudung yang die pakai tu senget2 (just like her) and so i called her and adjust the tudung she's wearing..finally..Loves to sleep..Fun to hang out with and again,gile!Best partner to gossip with coz she has lots of stories and it never after another..U'll think she's a bit sombong when u first meet her but trust me she's not..

That's it for work to be continue with the rest later..MIZZ U ALL GIRLS!DAMN A LOT!..chiaow..

Madness moment

Olaa guys..yes i know,u will wonder how long will this blog last before i start abandoning it and in the end, close the it! coz i think it will be the same with this one don bother wondering.but who knows, this time it last longer than u thought.The only reason i created this blog was because i hav not much work to do for get me wrong's not that i don like it, it's just that i'm a bit tired these few lets not talk bout work for once..or for five minutes at least coz i'm sure my manager will paige for me anytime.

Actually, i miss my old housemate so damn here are the reasons why i miss them and whay i considered it to be one of my best time ever:
  1. Gossips- the main criteria to live together with us. no gossips, u'll hear no laugh from us.
  2. Gelak kuat2- yes,we laugh even louder than our neighbour's karaoke singing stereo.haha..pagi,tgh hari,malam,subuh,pagi2 bute..we laugh all the time. I think if our neighbours can burn our house,they will!haha
  3. Teasing each other- this is the best part.if u can't stand being teased, don ever come close to our house.Like the time when two of hour housemates buat baju raye same jenis and same kaler.haha..what an odd couple..
  4. Cook, eat, eat, cook- yummy..we'd go miles just to get the best food.especially me and dirah.sampe skarang camtu..kari ayam,papadom and kubis goreng!
  5. Real life Drama Swasta-Haha..i won describe much bout this but whenever i think of the dramas, i'll smile or even worst,laugh sesorang!
  6. Last minutes study-We turned what was supposed to be tensed hour to happy hour! pun leh jadi best ngan budak2 gile ni..

Well, that was part of it.Too many to list down.Too many great times that we had with each other.

Dirah: miss hanging out with u girl. And the pillow talk of course!