Monday, 30 November 2009

Aidiladha 2009 @ Chini

Allow me to start this entry with these pictures..
My cool father-in-law, nun dibelakang my mother-in-law

lebiu darl!
My 2 favourite person!

This year's Aidiladha in Chini (my hubby's kampung) was fun and great..Tahun ni family my hubby decide nak korban seekor lembu..they shared the 7 parts of the lembu.some buat qekah, some buat korban..since Qistina dah diqekahkan, we decided to give our part untuk Qekah one of our anak buah.Sharing is caring eh?

Ini kali pertama sejak saye kahwin dengan Mr. Hubby, kami dapat kumpul ramai-ramai di Chini..Bile dah kumpul ramai2 tu, chaos nye tak payah nak cite..seronok!We had so much fun and laughter there.Penat.Tapi seronok.

My hubby is the youngest of 4 in his family but when help or advice is needed, others would turn to him and my hubby akan tolong mane yang mampu. Me and my hubby always remind ourselves that the more we give to others, Allah will give us more in return.

Bile kite memberi, the smile on their faces says everything. And that look, each time we see it, makes us realized how as small as RM10 would make them happy.Perasaan bile dapat menggembirakan orang lain sangat2 priceless!

Makan2 first raya

Hubby and beloved anak2 buah..

Qistina with her cousins

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Medela Freestyle Breastpump.

Ini adalah breastpump (BP) impian saya. I read tons of positive reviews on this one and saya rase breastpump ini sgt menarik..I'm currently using Avent Manual BP and yang ini pun saya suke but I want to own an electric BP. BP with double pumping especially. Tapi...yang ini mahal bangat dong..RM16xx (harga dekat paling,promo!)..waduh..

So after days of thinking, I've decided to go for Spectra 3 instead.Yang ni pun banyak good reviews from existing users.After all, this BP is way more murah affordable for a first time electric BP user like me.This is definitely in my wishlist for new year.I hope that this BP will increase my production for Qistina and her adiks..stop there!before you go any further,no I'm not pregnant..At least not for now.*wink*

Below are the things that I've decided to purchase.I'll be purchasing it at sebab die bagi harge paling murah untuk Spectra 3 BP.Bende2 ni dah lame ade dalam shopping cart saya but tak tahu la bile nak belinye..duk je la kat situ diam2 dulu..hehe..saya tengah xde kumpul duit sekarang ni..

Spectra 3-boleh double pumping and ringan (tak seringan medela freestyle)

Spectra 3 Bag-nak simpan and carry the BP

SafetyPlus Bottle- untuk digunakan mase mengepam

Haa...comel tak barang2 ini?Semue ini dalam RM4xx..Semue ini untuk anak2 saya..I want the best for them.Doakan saya dapat hadiah beli semue ni eh..
Eh, tangan macam gatal pulak..orang kate kalau tangan gatal, nak dapat duit..Adekah En. Hubby nak bagi saye duit untuk membeli semue diatas?bestnyer...*daydreaming*
Nak bagi ayang duit eh sayang??hehe..*wink* lebiu!

Monday, 23 November 2009


Sedihnye bile kenangkan semalam.Qistina merajuk dengan mama ye..Mama janji, lepas ni mama takkan tinggalkan Qis tanpa memberitahu mama gi mane..Alkisahnye....

Semalam keluar lunch dengan my mom and my youngest brother..After lunch, me and hubby decided to leave Qistina dekat rumah my mom sementara kami keluar beli barang sekejap..Mase tu pun mama tengok Qis macam dah mengantuk..So, sampai rumah my mom, terus my mom bawak die masuk rumah.And I thought she would easily go to sleep sebab mate die dah ngantuk sangat..

Balik beli barang, mama tengok anak mama ni tak tido mama bawak la anak mama ni balik, tido kat umah je la..then masuk je kereta, die dah mengamuk2, lembik2kan badan macam taknak mama die pegang..I thought its because Qis ngantuk so mama pujuk je macam biase.Rupenye sampai rumah pun still taknak kat mama..nak kat abah die je..menyusu pun taknak..each time mama amik mesti menangis2..mama dah risau dah..

"Die majuk kot Ayang, kite tinggalkan die tadi..yelar, tetibe tengok mama abah die xde.selalu kite cakap"..then it struck me..memang mase nak kuar tadi mama lupe nak mention kat Qis mama nak gi mane..alahai..

Sampai ke malam Qis tak nak ngan mama.taknak lagsung senyum/gelak bile mama gurau ngan Qis,xnak langsung panjat2 badan mama or sondol2 mama cam selalu..duk sebelah mama pun tak pandang mama bile mama panggil..sedihnye mama..Sampai bile nangis pun, nama abah die yang di panggil..selalu panggil name mama..alahai..mama sedih sangat mase tu..

Penyudahnye, sampai pukul 11 malam still mengamuk2..mate ngantuk nak tido, tapi xnak menyusu ngan meragam menangis2..puas mama pujuk Qis, dodoi nyanyi macam2 lagu..Akhirnye,nak dekat pukul 12 malam baru mama dengar anak mama ni sebut mama and baru hulur tangan nak mama amik..

Ala sayang mama ni..mara sangat dengan mama ye.Sorry sayang,mama terlupe nak bagi tahu Qis mama tinggal Qis dengan wan kejap..Mama lupe nak cakap bye2 mase Qis keluar kerete..Mama tak pergi mane pun..bukan mama nak tinggalkan Qis..mama keluar kejap je..Sorry ye sayang..

Mama janji lepas ni tak buat macam tu lagi..I promise..Qis jangan merajuk ngan mama dah eh..

I love you much!

Thursday, 19 November 2009



Qistina macam dah selsema balik..aduh, gundah mama dibuatnye..terus mama bagi ubat selsema and ubat demam..tido malam pun mama sik jage nak make sure anak mama ni berselimut.kalu x,mesti Qis tendang selimut tu sampai badan die x dibalut selimut.bertuah anak mama ni..

Mama taknak episod dulu tu berulang balik..mama and abah taknak 'bercuti' kat hospital tu..x best.lagipun anak mama ni kene sihat,nanti nak jalan2 tempat sejuk.Qis kene fit.

Mama doa Qis cepat sembuh.Mama doa Qis tak kene macam tu.Qis cepat sihat k.Weekend ni boleh ajak abah jalan2..

Mama sentiase doakan..

Yang penting,anak mama ni still active and friendly!

That's my princess!

Monday, 16 November 2009


I am still recovering from a tiring weekend.It was fun though.Went IKEA + The Curve on Saturday with hubby, Qis, mom and Qlah. Ramai superb orang..well, what do you expect.Its a weekend after all. I have been craving for IKEA's meatball since Dirah mentioned this (yes Dirah, you are to blame for this!) but ended up eating at Marche's. Peliknye, makanan kat situ tak sedap la pulak macam dulu.Ok, maybe it was just me.Menyesal tak stick to my initial plan to makan meatball..shish.

Ended up buying a few things at IKEA. I would never go back empty-handed if it's IKEA (but JUSCO Alpha Angle still wins!).I just can't help myself.Period.Owh, we bought 2 baby chair for Qistina.One for my mom's home and one for mine.Now she can sits with us at the dining table.I won't have to see her jumping in her walker or tapping my legs asking for her share of our food each time we eat.Finally.

Me+hubby+Qis went for another shopping trip to Jusco Alpha Angle on Sunday.Actually, JJ has never failed to be in our places-to-go-list every week. Rasenye dah banyak kami meng-kayakan Alpha Angle tu sebab kami tak pernah balik tangan kosong!Never!We bought a few clothes for Qis and ourselves.Preparing for our year-end-most-awaited holiday.Yippie!!

Still had a few more things to buy and we will be ready to board the flight!!


Thursday, 12 November 2009


I'm down to the last book of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.Finished reading Eclipse yesterday and it took me quite some time to finish it.Reading is not as easy as it used to be.Why?because my time is not totally mine.I have to share it with my hubby and daughter.I can only read during office hour when all my work is done and there is nothing else to do.

I can't read at home at night let alone during weekends as I have my daughter and husband to attend to..Sometimes, when both of them are sleeping, I would try to read but trust me, I would ended up doing house chores.Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.I love spending time with both of them and when they are around, holding a story book would be the last thing on my mind.

Back to the story book.Twilight.An interesting book it is.My hands just can't wait to get hold of the last book.Just waiting for the right time to start.Of course the book is much more interesting than the movie.

I have a few books that I bought but never had the chance to start reading it. I just can't help myself when it comes to story books and magazines.Once I had my eye on it, I would just buy them without thinking.If that is illegal, then yes, I'm guilty! Same goes with vegetables..I am a crazy woman when I am at the vegetable section in supermarkets..Just ask my mom..

Yes, I love to read.Since I was a kid, I love reading all sorts of storybooks..Siri Salma,Siri Hadi, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Fear Street and the list goes on and on.I am the only child of my family who reads since kindergarten.So guess who gets all my storybooks? Rumah Kebajikan or Anak-anak yatim.Non of my brothers and sister share the same interest.

I hope my children will love reading as well and I need to train them from now for them to share the same interest as me.Or maybe I can also use my dear friend Dirah, as a role model.She is after all, what I call a book freak!Sorry Dirah, but you are one!And its good and I would love my children to be a book freak!haha..*wink*

I think I will start reading Breaking Dawn next week.Hopefully I can restrain my desire to read it that long..haha..


Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Suddenly I missed school so much..And each time I miss those times, I would have tons of images and memories flickering in my mind, grinning..I remember almost everything..

I remember being the last one to wake up and getting ready for morning class but still being among the earliest one to finish..I know, that fast huh?

I remember waking up early on Saturdays just to clean up the dorm, to be inspected..and continue my sleep after its done..

I remember waking up on Sundays, and notice that the hostel was just so quiet and I can only hear the sound of people washing their clothes, scrapping it like the stains wouldn't go off..

I remember having to tawaf around the hostel, 7 times, being a punishment for late! with a background song by the boys (usually having their breakfast at that time)..Labbaikallah humalabbaik..talking bout express Hajj huh?..*wink*

I remember cooking mihun sup only with a water heater..delicious!don't ask how, i'll let you wonder and picture it youself..

I remember staying up late at Yan's dorm just to gossips and laugh like hell..and the next day, one of my juniors would say, "kak ain, malam tadi satu hostel dengar suare kak ain gelak.."..and I will just grin.

I remember the night before sports day where we would spend almost all night at the field and a few days without classes..nice.

I remember having late night supper, nasi lemak of course, with a mission that I would stay up to study, but ended up sleeping on top of my books..

I remember each time it's a pulang bermalam week, we would have Bee Huat busses lining up at our assembly area just to drive us to Kuantan's terminal.. and meronggeng dulu in Kuantan before boarding the bus to get home..

I remember the laughters more than the tears coz I have more of those there..The memories are all still strong and fresh..As if just yesterday I left school.

As I continue, I still have millions of memories flashing in my mind..To write down all of these, would take forever..

So I might as well just stop here.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Kakiku sakit..futsal punye pasal..or maybe ini balasan merosakkan cermin mate Pell..sorry bro!Oppss,before you guys cube untuk membayangkan lagi, I want to clarify that NO! I did not kick the ball to his face and NO! I did not punch him in his face..His spectacle falls down dalam usehenye menangkap bole tendangan aku!! I said Pell, bill hantar kat Sani eh!!*tengkiu sayang..lebiu so much!hehe..wink*

We received a call from Chini Saturday morning..My hubby's neighbour passed away *innalillah*and we shoot back to Chini 10am in the morning..Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dah ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman..*Al-fatihah*


I have been alerted by the tour agency that all Air Asia flights to Beijing had been cancelled untill Feb next year because of the weather!

Berderau darah mendengarnye..Harapnye my flight would not be cancelled as well..but with the uncertain weather these days, you never know..

Ya Allah, aku berserah padamu..

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Akhirnya..baru dapat email all the passport to the tour agency..internet office sangat lembab.sakit hati.rase nak mara komputer tu.mara komputer?ok, radiculous.tapi still sakit hati.tapi,sabar je la..

Oh,I am in charge of purchasing Proton Waja for our client..bile nak beli, keluar ayat-ayat manis..kate ade tahun 2008 but bile sampai agreement, kate kete tu dah takde..kene amik tahun 2009.beb, kami bayar downpayment 1000 tu bukan untuk secure kerete tu ke??abis aku sembur.padan bile dah sign agreement, kate leh cepat dapat.sampai sekarang, lampu kete pun tak nampak.bile tanye banyak alasan.again,kene sembur.padan muke!tapi, sabar jela..

Esok bawak Qis for a follow up appoinment with the doctor..she seems fine now, i think.sebab dah xde wheezing..I just hope for the best..Insyallah..

Can't wait for tommorow's futsal with the usual people..

Saya nak berpeluh..

Saya nak berlari,have fun and ketawa bebanyak..

Kalu xde aral,Insyallah esok serang SP Ampang..


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Qistina Warded

Last week was hectic!I had no time to update this blog of mine.

Qis had to be warded since she had difficulty in breathing..When Qis doctor's said that she has to be admitted, we were shocked! Is it that bad? But we finally agreed, albeit reluctantly, to bring her to the hospital..The thought of all the medication she has to consumed, saddened me..

So we (me+hubby+Qis) ended up spending 3 nights in Al-Islam Specialist Hospital (formerly known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre)..It was only me + Qis on the first night there as all the single room was full. The routine? Nebuliser (gas inhaler) every 3 hours and medication every 6 hours..So can u imagine Qis waking up 3 am and 6 am for this? Sometimes she would cry but most of the times, she continue with her sleep..Qis tak kesah..

The funny thing was, my baby Qis is still active, friendly and happy all the time..not even one second,Qis tak menjerit, melompat2 or senyum sumbing kat semue nurse and doctor yang melawat die..Even when the doctor had to cucuk tangan die nak masukkan antibiotic, Qis yang dok agah doctor tu..haha..Bertuah anak mama!

The bill? Don't even ask! but me and hubby agree on one thing, we would keep all the bills and whenever Qistina ni degil, we would show her the bill and kalu dah besar2 nanti derhaka, claim je!haha..*wink*

She is still recovering and better than before..It is a good hospital and I would recommend it to everyone..good and friendly doctors and staff..worth every penny we paid!Qistina sayang, jangan sakit2 macam tu dah eh..Actually mama and abah tak nak dah bercuti kat ward hospital!bosan!

doakan kis sembuh sepenuhnye peeps!