Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Zety and Family nak gi mane??

Atas arahan saranan kak Zety,maka saya pun menurut perintah join contest Giveaway Pertama Dari Zety ni sempene her coming birthday...hehehe..Contestants were asked to guess the location of her family's next vacation. So here it goes..

1. Jadi follower - checked

2. Tepek gambar ni..gambar kaki anak dare kak Zety a.k.a Maryam gebu (suke2 tambah gebu tu). Mesti time ni shiok sgt tgk gambar sendiri kat laptop tuh..Dan jgn lupe teke sekali location nye..

Port Dickson
Gambang Resort City, Kuantan
3. Sila tinggalkan link entry ni kat komen entry kak Zety..
There you go kak entry!lantun je teke tempat tu..anyways,early Happy Birtyday and Happy Holiday!!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


I have been planning to visit London since last year..yelar,member still ade kat sane best sikit nak jenjalan bile ade orang yang ku kenal..and the plan has been on and off for a few times due to certain factors which imposed constraints (you do the math!) on my plans.Bukan ape,nak pergi tahun ni sebab anak baru sorang and Qis still considered as infant...murah sikit..

But hey, I keep on planning.I even have backups in case nak pergi London tu macam tak attainable..So we came up with Australia (since Dirah is there) and the next best thing Bandung!(shopping la,ape lagi).

When I told Per my plan he just laughed and say 'kelakar la ko ni,dari london ke australia then ke indon..makin lame makin dekat..' well Per, backup plans kene la yang lagi bole dicapai..kalau London tu dah susah nak pi,xkan aku nak wat plan ke iceland pulak kan?kan myn kan?Yela,aku bukan la banyak sangat duit macam ko Per...

And so earlier this month it seems like I can make the trip to London..tinggal nak beli tiket after a few days of asking here and there,cari tempat tinggal and buat research pasal London bagai,earlier this week ade pulak lagi gunung merapi kat iceland tu berasap..dah tutup lagi airport kat europe..

then it hit baru berasap,belum meletus..kang dibuatnye mase ku nak pergi tu (July)meletus pulak xke dah kene cancel tiket bagai or even worst,stranded kat sane?uihh,xnak la!and so I started to think of my second plan..Lagipun,there seems to be a lot of halangan nak pergi sane plus this might be a sign to me that I should not go to London this year..

Nak pergi brisbane..jalan sambil melawat dok la tanye2 Dirah and Ryan (pelawat tetap Australia) where is the best place to go in Australia..Plus buat research sini sane bout Australia..but the thing is,I am not as excited as whenI plan to go to London..maybe because I have been to Aussie once..And I know some of the place kalau pergi bawak anak kecik macam tak enjoy sgt..Coz they have a lot of theme parks..

So, again,buntu...

After thorough discussion with my hubby,we decide to save the money and pergi dekat2 je..might as well we use the money to go to a better place later..maybe plan for London again next year ke kan?

And so here comes our final plan..Indonesia..for now,we are sticking to Bandung..boleh la ku shop-till-I-drop kat sane..beli baju baby banyak2..untuk anak akan datang jugak!hahaha...So hopefully this plan will succeed!

I know by this time mesti korang semue dah dok pk,awat tak leh plan lepas July and bulan seterusnye ke??well,to be frank,memang tak nak plan trip after July sebab I have another BIG plan in mind!


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Happy Anniversary Sania!

17 May 2008,saat itu sangat indah dan manis to us.Its the day you vowed to take me as your wife and be my husband through ups and downs..
We have been married for 2 years and now entering the third year of our marriage. The past two years have been great for us and I know you will agree if I say the best part was when we have our little Qistina as a new member to our family.Having her in our life makes my love for you grow stronger every single day as now,you are not only my bestfriend and my husband but you are also the father to our kid(s).
Thank you for making my day easier and happier when I'm having a bad one..
Thank you for patiently lending you ears to hear my rants and say nothing, just smiling..
Thank you for being so understanding when I am being grumpy especially 'that time' of the month..
Thank you for your hugs and encouraging words when I am down and sad..
Thank you for letting me know that I will always have someone to catch me when I fall..
And above all, thank you for loving me.
Only Allah has the secrets of our future but I will always pray that when there are days where our road is rougher and tougher than the usuals,I hope we are stronger and wiser in facing it.May Allah blessed our marriage with health,happiness and more kids to come eh sayang?hehe..
Be it brad pitt ke,tom cruise ke, rosyam nor ke, Abe tetap nombor satu dihati ayang!
With love,

Happy Birthday Sayang!

12 May 2010 was my hubby's birthday..Since he was in K.Pilah,I called his staff and asked them to celebrate him.I want him to feel happy and cheerful (walaupun ku sedih sebab jauh kat sini tak dapat nak celebrate) on his birthday.

Anyways, his birthday celebration will not end untill I do my part.We had another celebration with my family on Friday the 14th and I have something else in mind.With the help of Rohe, my hubby's good friend and myn (ni tak tahu la good friend sape..i lebiu myn!*wink*) I tried to work out my plan.

And so, on 15 May 2010, we had a small bday celebration at Al-Rawsha, Ampang.The food was nice, the guests are crazy great and the best part was the cake!cantik ok..tak sampai hati nak makan..well, at least I'm the one yang tak sampai hati..Coz it is so adorable + edible (lupe pulak kek untuk dimakan).Ape-ape pun,kepada yang hadir,terima kasih banyak2 for making it happen.Special thanks goes to Rohe and Myn.

The bday boy

part of the guests

the lovely cake!

Ok sayang, this one's for you:

Happy Birtyday to my beloved hubby, Sanizabri Awang.I have known you for so long and I am proud to tell you that you have become a better and wiser man. May Allah blessed you with health, wealth and happinness..I hope you will achieve your goals in life and I'm glad to be the one behind you,supporting you all the way to the top.

I hope you like my gift and the celebrations!Love you so much sayang!You mean the world to me.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I nailed it!

Family Day 2010 Bintang and Mijaz was finally over and done with and I am so glad that it went well.I nailed it! Good reviews from the staff and bosses, especially. Alhamdulillah..

It was held at Residence Desa Lagoon Resort, Port Dickson from 7-9 May 2010 and the place is magnificent!private and cozy but I must say, their food can be improved.It was so-so.Apart from the food, everything else was great.

Seafood for the first night's dinner and BBQ for the second night. Our Gala Dinner was on the second night, of course and not to mention, me and Mr. Hubby was the host for the night..cheh,ade bakat terpendam ghupenye..hehe..And I was so proud of Mr Hubby.

Owh, we had cabutan untuk karaoke and ku terkena!penyudahnye seret sekali Mr Hubby untuk berduet.The rest?don't ask!disaster with a big 'D' ok!!haha..I was more like reading the lyrics rather than singing it!at least that was what my hubby told me..Nasib baik ade back-up..tq sayang!

Here are some of the pics..well, I was the organizer and memang tak dapat nak amik banyak gambar...

Gala Dinner

Anak Dare Bintang Fadzilat

Qistina mandi peluh..

The staff..

Sukaneka: Acara rebut gula2..