Friday, 29 July 2011

Assalamualaikum, Ramadhan!

Ramadhan is just around the corner and I'm anxiously waiting for it.Before we talk further about this Holy month, allow me to do some recap of what has been happening last few weeks..

I have been spending my weekend holidaying here and there.Ade je plan nak berjalan setiap weekend yang lepas2.Last week we went to Melaka for a short vacay.We stayed at Seri Malaysia Ayer Keroh since the other hotel was fully booked.Zoo Melaka and dinner at Umbai with Lodeh and Sinah was the main highlight of the vacation.Short but fun!

I am still waiting for my 'new baby'. The last time I checked, they said it will be out on the second week of August.Oh please hurry!me patah kaki!

Weekend ni me will be busy spring cleaning rumah.I think the next session will be a few days before raya kot?kahkahkah!Plus, will be having a movie date with Mr Hubby this Sunday.Harry Potter bebeh!the last to-watch-movie-at-the-cinema for the year. Note 'at the cinema' there sebab yang lain tu tak kesah beli CD jer...hehehe..

Ok, since Ramadhan is a few days ahead, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini to wish all of my awesome readers and friends yang beragama Islam SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN!

May this Ramadhan be the month we 'muhasabah diri'..

May this be the month we learn the meaning of patience and humble and kesederhanaan..

May this be the month we pray and do more good things and get ourselves closer to Allah..

May this Ramadhan be, a better month for all of us!


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Qistina and Baby TV..

My little Qistina is so into Baby TV since I first showed her the programme. First time aku beli CD Baby TV mase pergi family holiday in Penang.

I bought the whole set for Qistina at a very cheap price and since that day, Qistina sangat suka menonton CD2 from Baby TV ni..It has everything from numbers,alphabets, colours, shapes and many other basic knowledge that is so perfectly suitable for babies.

Apart from books , yes, Qis loves books, Baby TV has proven to have a major impact on Qis 'learning development. Of course she also has direct learning sessions from my mom, me and hubby.

So when there is channel 618 at Astro spefically for Baby TV, me and hubby now selalu kene berebut channel dengan Qis. First thing in the morning, "mama, nak Baby TV"..adoi..

Kadang2 me and hubby pun tengok same..there's Oliver, Tulli, Charlie and Numbers and so many others. Plus, kat channel ni la aku selalu belajar nursery rhymes yang dah lame aku lupe liriknye..hehe..

Tapi channel ni free sampai September ni je..pastu kene subscribe. So me and hubby has yet to decide sama ada nak subscribe atau depends.

But I wish there is a special channel macam ni khas untuk Doa2 dan Jawi.Islamic knowledge la senang kate,for kids...Qis dah kenal alif sampai ya, thanks to a CD we bought.will try to introduce to her Iqra pulak..

We will only teach her takat mane die nak belajar..die bosan kite benti.Die nak sambung kite sambung..Learning should be a fun and happy process..

My observation, lagi berkesan kalau mase die tgk tv and learn tu, kite ade sebelah die belajar sekali.Lagi Qis bersemangat and cepat tangkap..sampai xnak berhenti.of course, kite kene puji effort die lagi die seronok..

Oklah,saje je nak cite pasal Baby TV..