Friday, 12 December 2008

Tagged by Adura

Adura dear tagged me. Sorry dear,baru perasan..Here it goes:

1. Do u think u are HOT?
- Yes I am! Haha..Lagi2 ngah pregnant ni..Hari2 I HOT je!

3. Why do u like this picture?
- Assume ade my wedding picture ok..Saya sgt malas nak upload.I like it coz I look different!

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
- Last week! Yummy..

5. The last song u listen too?
- Womanizer by Britney

6. What are u doing right now besides this?
- Working!

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
- Nurul 'Ain! Back in school my friends called me Geena.Kinda like it though!

8. People to tag:
- Dirah the chaotic kittens
- Mynn the dancing corps
- Julie the crazy one
- Yan (I don think so she blogs)
- Sanizabri Awang (certainly not a blogger!)

9. Who is no.1?
- my crazy sister (lain mak ayah). die tengah tension keje sekarang!love her so much!

10. No.3 is having relationship with?
- I seriously tak tau! dah lame tak contact!

11. Say something about no.5
- he is my dear husband! gorgeous and wonderful!

12. How about no.4?
- my schoolmate and one of my best fren as well! budak muke tebal nih!haha

13. Who is no.2?
- my fren aka ex crazy housemate! kadang2 macam slow, and selalu confused! tak tau la camtu lagi ke tak..lame tak jumpe!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Men is Men

Warning : Do not read this entry if you are easily offended. Please read if you have good sense of humor..I won't say I agree with all of it but some of it is true! And I think its funny..So here it goes:

Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they
will call each other Laura, Kate and
If Mike, Dave and John go out, they
will affectionately refer to each other as Fat
Boy, Godzilla and Four-eyes.

When the bill
arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in
$20, even though it's only for $32.50.
of them will have anything smaller and none will
actually admit they want change back.
the girls get their bill, out come the pocket

man will pay $2 for a $1 item he
A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that
she doesn't need but it's on sale.

A man
has six items in his bathroom: toothbrush and
toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap,
and a towel.
The average number of items in
the typical woman's bathroom is 337.
A man
would not be able to identify more than 20 of

woman has the last word in any
Anything a man says after that is
the beginning of a new argument.

love cats.
Men say they love cats, but when
women aren't looking, men kick

woman worries about the future until she gets a
A man never worries about the future
until he gets a wife.

successful man is one who makes more money than
his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one
who can find such a

woman marries a man expecting he will change,
but he doesn't.
A man marries a woman
expecting that she won't change, but she


A woman will dress up
to go shopping, water the plants, answer the
phone, read a book, and get the mail.
A man
will dress up for weddings and

wake up as good-looking as they went to
Women somehow deteriorate during the

children. A woman knows all about her
She knows about dental
appointments and romances, best friends,
favorite foods, secret fears hopes and
A man is vaguely aware of some short
people living in the

A married man
should forget his mistakes.
There's no use in
two people remembering the same

Disclaimer : This 'entry' was extracted from one of the emails forwarded to me. Just to share the laugh with ya'll!

Monday, 24 November 2008

tagged...ape tuh?

I was just reading Dirah's blog and there's this latest entry on her being tagged by Mynn..Sekarang baru ku paham ape kebendenye tagged tu...selame ni duk bace that people get tagged by others and I don't really bother to find out what it's all about.Haha..So, untuk membuatkan saya rasa tak ketinggalan, let me assumed that Dirah tagged me (since she said sape rase nak buat, dipersilakan..) So here it goes..

1. 7 fakta tentang saya
- saya sangat suke ketawa and when I laugh, its loud!Sorry, I just can't handle it..
-saya sangat suke memasak tapi saya tak suke basuh, sidai, lipat and gosok baju..kalu ade mesin yang boleh buat semue tu, I will buy one!
-saya tak suke org yang suke 'paku' orang lain, but can't accept 'dipaku org not cool!
-saya sangat suke CSI..
-saya peramah and murah dengan senyuman..
-I am not easily offended..I just don't care what people say..I like being me!
-Saya suke makan!
2. 7 perkara menakutkan saya di dunia
-mati tanpa sempat mengucap
-losing loved ones
-balasan Allah di dunia (straight punishment)
-natural disaster (coz we can't do anything bout it)
-kalu musim kemarau..saya x tahan panas dan cepat haus!
-manusia jahat (lagi menakutkan dari hantu)
3. 7 lagu buat masa sekarang
- lucky (jason mraz and that girl..x ingat la name die)
-hot and cold (Katy Perry or something)
-stand up (stand up to cancer)
-Aorora (estranged)
-Whateva you like (TI)
-If i were a boy (beyonce)
-Sempurna (Andra and The Back Bones)
4. 7 perkara selalu disebut
- OMG..are u serious?
-Ya allah, budak ini
-Biar betik..(biar betul)
-Tau xpe..
-Shut Up!
What ar?..
5. 7 perkara yang amat bernilai
-Suami dan anak
6. 7 perkara pertama kali dalam hidup saya
- Pertama kali bercinta : with my husband!
-Pertama kali dapat kereta : PCS 1073
-Pertama kali berdikari : Sekolah Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Pekan
-Pertama kali drive : pergi perlis! sgt jauh!
-Pertama kali tengok wayang kat Gold Class : Max Payne! sgt jakun!haha..
-Pertama kali naik pentas : Darjah 1, naik amik hadiah untuk nombor 1 dalam kelas..haha..
-Pertama kali melancong ke luar Malaysia : Singapore, mase saya masih bayi..
7. 7 orang yang di tagged oleh saya
-xde nak tagged sape2..buat je kalu nak!

Thursday, 20 November 2008


I was out with my hubby, mom and sister last weekend..Abah xde so we decided to bring our mom out for a movie..Was thinking of watching James Bond kat Gold Class but its full..So we went to Gardens and purchased the Premier Class tickets..Saje nak bagi our mum watch movie dalam keadaan selesa..And glad she enjoys it..Siap cakap "Thanks dear,lain kali leh la bawak mama watch movie lagi eh" to me and my hubby when we hantar her balik..haha..Anytime mama!

Yang membuatkan saya panas disini,mase nak maghrib, we were in Gardens.. saya tak paham kenape sebesar2 The Gardens tu, xde menyediakan surau? Kite ni kat London ke? Bukan ke majority org Malaysia ni beragama ISLAM? Or adakah sebab Gardens tu posh sgt sampai die ingat org MELAYU ISLAM yang solat xmampu pergi shopping kat situ? duh!KENAPAKAH BEGITU?

So we had to go to Mid Valley to pray..yang menambahkan darjah kepanasan hati saya ni, the surau is SMALL aka KECIK...dahlah xde surau kat gardens..yang kat mid pun kecik pulak..bayangkan semue customer Islam yang ke Mid Valley and Gardens solat kat surau yang sekangkang kera tu? Dah la sempit, panas lak tu...and tempat amik air sembahyang die pulak ade due je..So, beratur nak amik air sembahyang je dah panjang cam org beratur nak beli JCO..Sgt2 teruk!KENAPAKAH BEGITU?

I was so disappointed with the management..Macam mane la bende sesimple tu pun takleh nak fikir..Lain kali buat survey..cukup besar ke tak surau tu nak tampung main redah je buat kecik2..itu pun nun jauh kat lower ground, terceruk kat ujung dunia..Yang Jusco punye surau takyah cakap la keciknye camne..But in case ade la mane2 Mid Valley punye management yang terbace blog saye yang humble nih, please take note that FOR YOUR INFO, your surau is very uncomfortable and if you can't notice (or tak nak amik tau kot?) kami sangat2 la bersempit2 nak solat and sgt2 tak selesa!KENAPAKAH BEGITU?

Jadilah Rakyat Malaysia yang Prihatin!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

a lifetime journey

Siapa kate hidup lepas kahwin membosankan? That is so no true. Well guys, it's a continuous learning experience ok. Here are some of the things that I can share:

1. I have to prepare breakfast!Sebenarnyekan kawan2, xde la every morning..sebab we both selalu bangun lambat mase weekend and we usually gi lunch terus. But there are times i wake up early, kemas rumah, do laundry and i ter-ignored bab menyediakan sarapan sebab ingat hubby bangun lambat..huhu..suddenly ngah kemas umah, tercongok my hubby kat belakang and ask 'bfast ape yang?'..oops! but i was lucky coz bile die tgk i menggelabah he said 'xyah prepare la yang, mamak kan kat depan je'...dan saya pun tersipu malu2..haha..failed betul!
2. Everytime nak weekend kene tanye(since weekend je jumpe or weekdays penat), 'sayang nak makan ape weekend ni?i'll cook for you' at times he will ask for few dishes but most of the time, he'll say 'xyah la masak2..bazir je makan berdue' or 'ape2 je yang, whatever u want to eat'..hrmm..senangnye kalu camtu!And he never forget to thank me setiap kali lepas mkan masakan saya..baru rase berbaloi!
3. Wajib check poket baju and seluar(especially) before membasuh..(Peringatan!)Yelar..selalu mak yang check..saya tahu campak je dalam mesin..selalu pas basuh, mase ngah lipat, jumpe duit dalam his pocket.haha..nasib baik tak rosak duit tu..even worse, there was one time, saya baru menjalankan mesin, suddenly my hubby tanye 'yang, mane purse abe?'..dan saya pun berlari kebelakang untuk 'pause' kan my washing machine..terlupe la....
4. Saya kene belajar menyukai rancangan tv yang disukainya (and of course vice versa la)..haha..baru tak bosan tgk tv sesame..lagi2 tinggal berdue..tapi tak dinafikan ade certain cerita memang tak leh nak masuk la and so dengan segan2nye saya akan berkata(denagn suara manja of course!) 'sayang...leh tak kite tgk cite lain?' and it works sometimes!
5. Kene iron some of his baju/seluar bfore keluar..lucky me, he will wear whatever i picked! mase awal kahwin, setiap kali nak keluar, saya hanya menyiapkan diri saya dan ignore the husband's ended up, ngah bersiap he'll ask 'mane baju yang? or 'nak pakai yang mane ni?' terkocoh2 la saya meng-iron..make up and tudung pun tak pakai what i did now is; wake up a bit early and prepare his things or siapkan baju mase die ngah mandi..whateva it is, i have to siap first..coz saya xnak die menunggu dalam kereta!hrm...belum ade anak lagi ni..
6. Yang paling comel, bile dah ade perut, as in pregnant, he will always want to listen to the baby (letak telinge kat perut) every morning and before sleep!haha.. and always put his hand kat my tummy(especially bile ngah tengok tv), hoping to feel the baby kicking and cute!And die selalu berusaha memenuhi my cravings tak kire siang or tgh malam..thank you sayang!

So guys, these are only a few of the new things that I learned so far..Kekadang I am proud of myself to be able to do certain things.Betul, manusia boleh berubah bile ade tanggungjawab.Saya setuju! Jgn salah faham, I am not complaining, I enjoy and am happy to do it and this is just to share with ya'll. Jgn salah faham jugak, ini bukan untuk menakutkan rakan2 saya yang belum berkahwin. Trust me, it is an interesting journey bcoz along the way, you get to know yourself.

Oh, terlupe nak informed the best part, saya dapat duit extra every month! bestnyer...

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Usaha Tangga Kejayaan!


An update finally! I've been trying to update it since weeks before but the mood seems not to be there. Before I go on any further, I would like to congratulate one of my dearest best friend, Miss Nadirah Lahuree for passing her last two papers. You are now officially an ACCA affiliate and I'm so proud of you.Sis, you sooooo deserved it and 'usaha tangga kejayaan'..hehe..

I was just reading Dirah's blog and I have to agree with her 'constitution' entry. Why does this diperbesar-besarkan like it was such a bad idea? After all, the suggestion was to only bring in 10% of non-bumis...bukan mintak equal population..What is so bad about it? Kan ke itu healthy competition..10% as compared to 90%, if I get it correctly, that is a huge different(budak kecik pun tau kot)..The bumiputera will still out numbered the non-bumis..And if we do strongly believe that MELAYU BOLEH, kite takkan cepat melatah or gentar having other race around us..So I don't see that having 10% of non bumis as our uni-mate will be such a big threat to us, the bumiputera students.Jgn mara, this is just my opinion..

FYI, it is good to mix around with other races mase kite study as this will prepare us for future working life..Reality check - keje nanti lagi banyak bercampur ngan ade races and that is so unavoidable! So people, you should consider it before melatah tak pasal2!Usahakan Tangga Kejayaan?

Ok enough of current issues..Most of my friend will text me and ask "Ain, how's life after marriage?" Well guys, just so you know, it is good and I'm sooooo happy (bab keje xyah tanye la)..It's like part of my burden and worries are gone (of course part kumpul duit untuk kawin tu) and all I'm thinking now is to take care of and membina my own family..Target for now = kumpul duit and tambah family members! Haha..Usaha Tangga Kejayaan!

Anyways, Ramadhan is just around the corner..Selamat Berpuasa to all my dear friends and family! Ingat2 membeli di pasar ramadhan!

Monday, 30 June 2008

JOM MAKAN UBI KAYU! (gov new slogan)

Its wedding month since May till July...Lots of my friends are getting married. Just attended a wedding in menara KL.Nice wedding with nice scenery.Dinner with KL view..How cool is that? That's what money can do if you have them..Haha..Anyways, congrats to my dear friend and semoga berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat...bukan ke anak cucu je..sebab lepas ade anak cucu pun leh cerai berai...haha..

Talking bout money, kite mesti mengeluh mengingatkan harga minyak naik...sigh...We don't need people to tell us what to eat or how to lead a life to survive especially with the current world-wide hike in fuel price, but we need SOLUTIONS. That's the reason why we have elections; untuk memilih wakil2 menyuarakan dan membela hak rakyat..but what do we get? We are told to eat ubi kayu and segenggam beras..huh?Solution macam tu budak2 pun boleh fikir..We don't need a brainiac to come out with that idea.

Another thing, selaku orang yang pernah belajar ekonomi (eventhough tak berape ingat), I remember my lecturer once said, if we must compare, we compare dengan yang setaraf dengannye..An apple with an apple..For example, we do not compare the price of durian here with the price of durian in China..This is because, kite adalah pengeluar durian..kite export durian and China takde tanam durian (kalu tak salah la). And if I am to apply this on the fuel situation, we can't compare our fuel price with Singapore because, kite pengeluar minyak...Sinagpore mane ade minyak...Air pun tak cukup...Hmmm...I must say, takde lah bodoh sangat saye ni selaku rakyat Malaysia (seperti yang difikirkan oleh sesetengah pihak..)

Saye ade soalan bocor (untuk SPM tahun 2009). Soalannye berbunyi:

Macam mana cara-cara untuk mengatasi masalah kenaikan harga minyak?

A. Mengubah cara hidup ( favourite solution setiap kali harga barang naik)
B. Makan Ubi kayu
C. Makan segenggam nasi
D. Semua di atas

And the answer is.....D. Semua di atas! Susahnye soalan..Haha..
Have a nice life guys! We can change things if we want, but we must unite!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Holiday is ending...

My holiday will be ending in a few days..Sedihnye..Anyways, leave that behind. This entry is meant for me to share what have been happening during my wedding and during my holiday..I won't be writing down a long comprehensive story. This time it will just be pictures and a bit of narration..So here it goes...

The Photo Session



Honeymoon- Bali

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru....To ME!

I am now in client's place but somehow able to get connected to the internet. Thanks to my colleague's maxis broadband..I'm damn bored now..Not to say I don't have work to do but i hate what I'm doing now..Its not audit and i think its stupid! Ok, it stops there, I won't elaborate more..

Anyway, I am so looking forward for my holiday...1 month! Syoknye...Akhirnye, aku bebas dari kerja ku yang tak pernah abis2 dari bulan Nov...Been working like hell since Nov and this holiday is definitely something I've been waiting for...So, I've been lazy to work these few days...

Wedding is in two weeks time...Takot pun ade gaks...Hehe...But I can't wait and I AM happy at the same time though....Big thing is going to happen in my life next week..New chapter of life and definitely a whole new resposibilities to fulfill...

Preparation is fine so far.. Got a few more things to do but I'll get it done in time, Insyallah...Dah pergi fitting baju and I like my wedding kebaya! Sangat2! Will be going to the spa soon...Massage, facial, scrub and everything they have, I will do it! Haha...Bukan selalu...This is the time to do everything, and ask anything you want! Cool rite?

I was not allowed to do kerja berat2 nor travel jauh2..Don't know why but I'll just follow..I guess that's the previllage of being a pengantin...Haha..

Direnjis-renjis dipilis...Macam dah leh dengar je lagu tu.....

Monday, 5 May 2008



Saya dengan sukacitanya menjemput saudara saudari ke majlis perkahwinan SANIZABRI AWANG dan NURUL 'AIN MOHD AMIN (saya lah tue...)..Details are as below:

Date : 18 Mei 2008 (belah 'Ain)
Address : No 27, Jln 3C/6 ,Taman Setapak Indah, 53300 KL (near uptown Danau Kota)

Date : 25 Mei 2008 (belah Sani)
Address : No 166, Blok 6, Peringkat 1 , Blok Chini 5, Tasik Chini, Pahang.

Those invited:
1) Shahians 97/01 (dijemput to both majlis)
2) My collegemates (KPTM - DBS/ACCA)
3) My primary schoolmates (Sekolah Rendah Keb Jalan Air Panas)
4) Rakan-rakan ku di DUBLIN (Myn, Julie, Nad,Itie dan lain2..)
5) Dan my ex-crazy housemates - Pandan Perdana and Pandan Terrace...

Map ke rumah pengantin:

Kalu ade yang terkecil hati tidak dijemput personally, saya mintak maaf banyak2..Saye manusia biase, kadang2 terlupe..But please do not hesitate to let me know or kalu segan jugak, tell these friends of mine (Dirah, Wani, Nana, Yan)..


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Kuantan- my other hometown..

Latest updates:

I was in Kuantan last weekend to sort of survey and book a wedding dress for my wedding in Chini..Found a striking blue kebaya picked by my fiance..not bad..fits me just nice and there goes RM200 for the deposits..Dirah and her mum were there with me , helping me to choose and I was so glad to have them around..Rase cam ade family pergi sekali with me..The fiance, the mum, and of course the sister..haha..Thank you so much Dirah- the sister. =)You are always my little sister to me..haha..We might not meet often but you can count on me and I will always lend you my ears when you need it and you know that rite?

Anyways, my fiance was not part of the plan when I first decided to go to Kuantan as he's working. So I was actually supposed to go with Dirah and book the wedding baju, and do the fitting as well..Unfortunately, the soon-to-be-mother-law was admitted to the hospital in Kuantan and that explains why we got to go and pick the wedding baju together. To see the other side of him, taking care of his mum was touching and instantly I know that I will be in good hand when I'm sick bile dah kahwin nanti..hehe..

FYI: I always find Kuantan like my hometown and being there never worries me..I'm so familiar with the air there..I have been going there since I was little and how can you blame me for that?

one and a half month to go..counting the days.....

Sunday, 9 March 2008


Malaysia's 12th election has ended yesterday and the results was better than I can ever imagine..Opposition party had unexpectedly (at least by BN people) created a 'polling tsunami' when they won the hot seats over well-known BN leaders..On the other hand, I guess we as Malaysian has sent quite a strong and clear message to the government that we demand for a more transparent leadership.

Yesterday was my first time voting and I was there at the counting place waiting for the results for Wangsa Maju's Parliament. I was so happy and relieved that Wee Choo Keong (PKR) won and even more happier to hear the opposition party had won quite a number of seats. I have no grudge against BN and yes, I am perfectly aware that UMNO has been contributing so much since Malaysian Independence. However, the leaders back then was so much more better than these days..The leaders back then put their own priorities and needs second to the nation and its people. Today, it happens the other way around.

I voted because I want changes to be made, I voted because I demand for a better leadership and I voted to send a message that the young people now a days tidak boleh senang-senang ditipu and we don't have such a thinking that goes ' kalu BN tak memerintah, kite makan ubi..'..There are more and more professionals that I believe, can see and judge what is happening now a days and this can be seen by the voting majority in big and well-developed cities especially Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang..These (the young ones) are the people who will be voting in the next election and more and more new young voters will be voting at that point of time..

I hope, there will be a more transparent government as well as leadership as the opposition parties will be filling quite a number of seats in Parliament and I hope, their promises to the voters will be fulfilled. Let us hope for a change!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Kite Diajar..

8 March will be the date where we Malaysians have the power to do and change how things run in Malaysia..We vote for those who we believed can bring a change to this country..Malaysia- a so-called democratic country, where there are supposed to be freedom of speech but does such thing exists?

Mase belajar sejarah dulu,
Kite diajar yang Malaysia ni negara demokrasi..but are we?

Kite diajar surat khabar dahulu digunakan untuk menentang penjajah dan memperjuangkan bangsa tapi sekarang, ia digunakan untuk memburukkan sesama bangsa dan untuk keuntungan sebelah pihak (TV pun)..Bile fikir balik, takkan la lagi satu pihak tu asik buat bende merapu je..xde langsung yang eloknye? logik ke?

Kite diajar orang dulu bersama2 menentang penjajah dan korupsi tak kire lah tahap mane pendidikan die tapi sekarang, yang pandai tu lah yang membunuh bangsa, bute mate dan gelap hati sebab duit dan nama...

Kite diajar pejuang dahulu walaupun bukan berpendidikan tinggi, sanggup mati untuk bangsa menentang penjajah tapi sekarang, pejuang kite bincang bende pelik2 dalam parlimen (no need to mention..malu!)

So as (civilized) Malaysian, why not you do your part and vote..IF YOU DO NOT VOTE, YOU MUST NOT COMPLAIN!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Things I'll think of when you mention these colours..:

White : Wedding dresses?

Black : darkness (does this considered a thing?)

Blue : the ocean..

Red : my little car..

Green : veggies!

Yellow : Audit file..(yuks!)

Pink : Nasha (my neighbour..she's always in pink outfit..cute!)

Orange : Fab! (dah takde..)

Purple : My wedding theme! Haha..


There goes another weekend..time moved so fast until sometimes it's difficult for me to even realized what is going on around me..I had too much on my plate that I have to choose which one to digest first..Don't work to hard awak..That's what one of my dear fren told me..Thanks for your concern dear.. but this job really drained me out these past few months until the coming May..

Anyways, my youngest brother got the offer to go to MRSM Kuala Kubu Baru..How cool is that? but guess what? This brother of mine doesn't want to go.. Too homesick to think about the benefit of this rare opportunity..Geram betul menengoknye..Second day in school dah lari balik.. Can you believe that? At least give it a try dulu, that's what I told him..

Yeah, I know some of you might think, kejamnye Ain ni..tak kesiankan langsung adik die by now..But hey, I've been there, done that (not the fly part la..) Who else can understand what he feels, more than those who went to boarding school before? I totally know how he feels..That lonely and sad feeling..Feels like you have no one with you there and suddenly you are fighting this world alone ..Well, itu kite yang fikir..On the contrary, there are a lot of new frens and you get instant brothers and sisters..Haha.. That is what we call 'HOMESICK'..bile homesick and you think of it too much, you won't enjoy doing anything coz all you think of is 'somebody please get me out of here..' Itu yang menyebabkan kite berani take an extreme step such as lari balik rumah..

N he get the whole school kecoh bout this especially the teachers..They almost make police report..Turns out my mum yang lagi relax..Sampe the head of warden said, "saye kagum tengok puan ni tenang je..selalunye mak budak lain dah menangis or dah pergi sekolah dah.." hehe..well, that's my mum..My brother? I think he get his lesson last nite..Straight and clear..

Trust me, I know how good it is to study in a boarding school coz I was one of the product..haha..I mean, there are things that I learnt when I was in school back then which I think I won't be able to gained and learn if I studied in normal school.. Don get me wrong, I have nothing against normal school coz I know, at the end of the days, no matter where we study, it depends on ourselves which path to choose and lead..So let us pray that my brother will survive his days in the school (at least until he's over this homesick thingy) and that may he be strong to fight those evil voices in his head that told him to fly back..hehe..

To my brother, be strong! (this is where he usually stare at me like he's going to swallow me or something).. I've been there and all i can say is don't think of it too much..Enjoy your time there coz one day, those will be your precious moment and you will look back and laugh at yourselve for the stupid things you did back then..But to be able to do that, you must survive now..

Monday, 4 February 2008

Shopping spree..

I was out with my mom, sis and the fiance last saturday..And again went out on Sunday..Tiring, but its worth it..After all, dah lame tak jumpa the fiance..And it has been a while since I went out shopping..

To tell you the truth, I envy ya'll yang bole selalu jumpe the bf/ the fiance..Coz I can't..And that's how it's gonna be until we both jadi kaya..Haha..But as long as we keep in touch, that's fine with me..After all, my work won't allow me to do all the house chores (memasak, mengemas, tunggu husband balik) coz I will be the one yang selalu balik lambat..So I guess this is good for now..

I am now busy searching for the perfect place for my honeymoon..Hope it's not too early but what the hell, I want the best..I was thinking, Phuket maybe? or Bali? Seriously if ya'll got intresting suggestions, please tell me guys..

One of my dear friend lost her mother last Sunday's morning..Banyak-banyak bersabar k dear..Allah knows better..Al-Fatihah..

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Went out with Dirah to book the wedding dress..Got a few choices but ended up chosing this one classy kebaya..Thanks a lot Dirah sayang..But seriously, I need to shrink a bit if I want to look great in that dress..Haha..Talking bout dieting eh? A never ending topic at least, to me..Well, I'll try my best but whatever it is, I'm still comfortable with my body..And if let say I am still not slimmer during my big day, I am still going to wear the dress..Well, I'm the one wearing the dress not the other way around..Haha..
'Kak Long, I want to see a slimmer you wearing that dress during your big day!!' That's what my mom has been telling me now a days..Not to mention my fiance as well..but my mom is worst..Haha..Can't blame her anyway..Sape tak nak tengok anak die or isteri die cantik and slim kan?So, I will try my best..Not to satisfy others, but for my own satisfaction. That is the ultimate goal for now..(eventhough deep inside I still have this tiny little thing called 'doubt' inside me)Hmm..The question now is..Mampukah aku?..Tunggu..........
Anyway people, like what Dirah said, get your purple dresses ready coz that's the theme chosen..Which purple? Yang macam Teletubbies tue...Haha..