Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Kuantan- my other hometown..

Latest updates:

I was in Kuantan last weekend to sort of survey and book a wedding dress for my wedding in Chini..Found a striking blue kebaya picked by my fiance..not bad..fits me just nice and there goes RM200 for the deposits..Dirah and her mum were there with me , helping me to choose and I was so glad to have them around..Rase cam ade family pergi sekali with me..The fiance, the mum, and of course the sister..haha..Thank you so much Dirah- the sister. =)You are always my little sister to me..haha..We might not meet often but you can count on me and I will always lend you my ears when you need it and you know that rite?

Anyways, my fiance was not part of the plan when I first decided to go to Kuantan as he's working. So I was actually supposed to go with Dirah and book the wedding baju, and do the fitting as well..Unfortunately, the soon-to-be-mother-law was admitted to the hospital in Kuantan and that explains why we got to go and pick the wedding baju together. To see the other side of him, taking care of his mum was touching and instantly I know that I will be in good hand when I'm sick bile dah kahwin nanti..hehe..

FYI: I always find Kuantan like my hometown and being there never worries me..I'm so familiar with the air there..I have been going there since I was little and how can you blame me for that?

one and a half month to go..counting the days.....

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