Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru....To ME!

I am now in client's place but somehow able to get connected to the internet. Thanks to my colleague's maxis broadband..I'm damn bored now..Not to say I don't have work to do but i hate what I'm doing now..Its not audit and i think its stupid! Ok, it stops there, I won't elaborate more..

Anyway, I am so looking forward for my holiday...1 month! Syoknye...Akhirnye, aku bebas dari kerja ku yang tak pernah abis2 dari bulan Nov...Been working like hell since Nov and this holiday is definitely something I've been waiting for...So, I've been lazy to work these few days...

Wedding is in two weeks time...Takot pun ade gaks...Hehe...But I can't wait and I AM happy at the same time though....Big thing is going to happen in my life next week..New chapter of life and definitely a whole new resposibilities to fulfill...

Preparation is fine so far.. Got a few more things to do but I'll get it done in time, Insyallah...Dah pergi fitting baju and I like my wedding kebaya! Sangat2! Will be going to the spa soon...Massage, facial, scrub and everything they have, I will do it! Haha...Bukan selalu...This is the time to do everything, and ask anything you want! Cool rite?

I was not allowed to do kerja berat2 nor travel jauh2..Don't know why but I'll just follow..I guess that's the previllage of being a pengantin...Haha..

Direnjis-renjis dipilis...Macam dah leh dengar je lagu tu.....

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mynn said...

1 month cuti?!

nk kawen jugak la cmni.
leh cuti lame2.