Sunday, 24 May 2009

This has got to end..

18/5/09..Back to work..I cried..The thought of being away from Qis was painful..dah biasa berkepit ngan Qis, she was with me 24-7 for the pass 60 days and suddenly I won't be seing her during the day..The most terrifying thing is that I have to work late and come back home without being able to see her eyes..sebab dah tido..hrm..s***.. I hate my job even more..

The first day at work was hard..I called and asked bout her a few times..Lagi sesak nafas bile tahu she was not as usual..meragam je and asik nangis.."Jangan risau kaklong..she is adjusting..die tak bau k.long..that's why she's confused" kate mama...Each time nak balik, mesti tak sabar nak sampai..The next few days was mum was right..

I am going to tender my resignation this week.Period.Nothing can stop me or nothing can get between me and my daughter..not even my ACCA membership..haha..yelar..pasni lambat sikit nak complete 3 years tu..whatever..I don care coz I know sooner or later I will get it..diorang pun nak duit ape..haha..

I will tender!

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