Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My little plate..


An update!

I have so much things to do lately..there's less than 2 months before 2010 ends and yes, you might say 'lame lagi or whatever' but trust me my plate is full to keep me occupied until March 2011.thank you very much.

Still, I have tons of things to write here but let's keep that for later eh?Let me share with you some of the things on my plate.Some of it is 'Delicious' but most of it has 'Yucks!' written all over it..

Updating UBS for 2010's records..(yg ni banyak ok!)

Preparing documents for 2010's audit

Permits + Certificates to renew..

Organizing holidays (as usual)..let me see..for me..yey!...for my family,my uncle etc...hrm..i really think i should open a travel agency by now and start charging some fees..

ISO audit-training and what not..

ACCA..annual return and fee (which has now doubled...sigh)

And my other normal errands..

So there you are..that's what on my plate now..I can't just simply ignore any of it..I have to consume ALL..or can I actually be picky bout it??no?

Later guys..


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