Friday, 9 November 2007


  • I hope it is not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends..It is almost two month since I update my blog aite?Well, too bad coz the 'peak month' of audit has just practically I will be busy until the next April..My raya celebration is just biase. This year I had to give out duit raye as I have started working..Seriously, why can't the rule applies only when we get married..Why can't i still get my duit raye..I spent about RM1000 for this year duit raye!Bukan merungut, but actually I kinda like the feeling when I give out duit raye to my siblings and my cousins as well as anak2 buah..(yang kecik2 je la)..Yela..bile diorang look at me and say 'thank you kak long' with a big smile on their faces..hehe..
  • Went to Zana's open house...Dirah and the bf, Elly, Shigim, Myn and the bf ,Bad, Asrul and Ina and a few other.. Had fun walau pun jumpe kejap je..I didn't make it for the PD trip..I wish I was there but had things to do..Sorry Dirah dear..Dengan mynn pun tak dapat nak hang out..Sorry ye cik myn..Nasib baik awak jumpe jalan ke rumah Zana..Kalu tak,tak jumpe langsung le kite..Sorry i didn't go to mid..I'm sorry the lunch tak jadi..Seriously cik myn, don ever2 trust an auditor..they always broke their promises..haha..Anyway, make sure you can get back here for my wedding..
  • I really miss Dirah rite now...lots of things to tell her..yeah, i know..handphone ade..but there are some things I prefer to tell her face to face..I have many friends..but only a few of them are close friends..Some of them are special to me..and I hope that this frenship that we have will continue to grow and last forever no matter what..hehe..jiwang lak..Seriously, eventhough we seldom hang out or seldom meet,don get me wrong, it's not that I don want to but somehow ade je bende nak buat..And sometimes,I'm just too lazy to go out sebab my work is like h*** and maybe that is just me..
  • I'm a bit busy this month and next work plus my engagement end of December..Ni belum real wedding lagi nih..Next year lagi worst..peak season of auditing plus my wedding?I'm so gonna need a wedding planner!!911!!Cik Dirah, sudikah anda menjadi wedding planner tak bertauliah saye?haha..well, hopefully everything goes as planned..
  • Started buying the hantaran slowly..hehe..spotted a nice and just the perfect ring for my engagement..thank you dear..Found a perfect package for my engagement..Hopely everything goes well..Insyallah..

Lastly, Selamat makan Marukku!hehe..

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