Tuesday, 25 December 2007

This thing called LOVE..


Everyone has different opinion when it comes to love..Some find that love is important and some even find love menyusahkan. You might not agree with me, but throughout this few years, I found that love is a journey of discovering your strength and weaknesses and also getting to know yourself more that sometimes, you never thought you are capable of doing such thing. Love does turns someone into a more mature person but this does not applies to everyone, not to i'm-always-right kind of person.

Throughout this few years, I have learnt that everyone has a different type of love story in their life and trust me, I have witnessed a few intresting one and eventhough it's not mine to bother, somehow you can't avoid it. The funny thing in life is, sometimes the things that taught you about life are not those which involved you, but its the things that happened to people around you.

Well, I have my own love story which might be intresting to some people but boring to others. Looking back, there are things that I wish I can change and there are moments that I wish to happen again.Along the way, I have discovered my strength and weaknesses, I get to know more about my love and I get to learn that I have a few friends that will always be there for me no matter what. Those who won't judged me for the path that I chosed but won't keep shut if they think what I did was wrong and I am thankful and blessed for that.

There was ups and downs in my love story and there was once, I almost lost my faith in love but sometimes you have to listen to what your heart says.Everything happens for a reason and life is not always a bed of roses.I learned that love is about give and take, it's about accepting differences and weaknesses, it's about forgiving, it's about letting go of the past, it's about discovering yourself, it's about being a better person and believing that you deserve the best in love.

I know that some were dissapointed with the decision I made in life especially on my relationship and I can totally understand why. I know people talk behind my back but it doesn't bothers me at all. I thank those who has been really understanding and supportive to me eventhough I know they do feel disappointed as well (deep inside la..) and I know they love me and only want the best for me. At the end of the day, it's my life's that I'm deciding and I know my decision now dictates the life I will lead in future but you can never know about it and can only hope for the best and of course berusaha from now.Life is about taking chances and failure is not the end of everything coz sometimes, it can be a start of something..

I will be getting engaged soon and I hope and pray that starting from now, we both will be more mature in making decisions and stronger in facing obstacles..Insyallah..


mynn said...

saye ttp sokong ain..and yes, evnthough (deep inside) a bit dissapointed :p

but i hope u're happy with the decision u've made. after all, its ur life and u have the right to decide whichever path u wish to choose.

u kn0w i love u.
and owh. saye rindu kamu sangat.

'ainamin said...

i know..thank you dear..guess wut?
I'm officially engaged..i love you to dear..miss you too..