Monday, 30 March 2009

44 Days

Today is my 19th day of berpantang.. This stage of post natal sangat2 mencabar kesabaran saya..haha..Not much things to do..Other than feeding my baby, talk to her (not so much since she sleeps 24-7) plus the other things that I can do is lying around watching tv,makan, watching tv again, or surf the net..haha..boring tak? The truth is, I can easily list down my daily berpantang routine (itupun tak penuh satu A4 page..suku maybe?)

The past weekend had been quite busy..I had lots of relatives visiting me and my baby Qis..That was nice..Well at least ade bende nak buat..So, it was not a boring weekend..Majority of them would look at Qis and say "Putihnye anak kau ni K.Long..Ko makan ape mase mengandung?" Actually, I don have a specific answer for that question and I'm sorry for that (xde petua nak diturunkan)..Coz you know what? I practically eat everything during my pregnancy..Everything seems delicious to me..Haha..Trust me, I had no prob with food..but actually, soya bean and Tau Fu Fah was one of my favourites..If you consider that a petua..haha..

Seriously people, I can't wait for the 44 days to be over..Its kind of merimaskan at some point..But memikirkan orang kate its for our body's health and since badan ni nak pakai lame, I guess I'll just bear with it..Trying to shed some weight as well..Hopefully berjaya..haha..

To a fren who had finally decided to dump the current life and lead a new one, all the best to you dear..I seriously think you will do great in what you decided to do in future coz you are good at it already..I think the qualification or cert that you will get hanya untuk mengiakan that you have god given talent..hehe..Best wishes from me and kite akan doakan kejayaan awak!

To another fren who had difficulties in her current relationship, banyak2 bersabar..everything happened for a reason..ade hikmahnye jadi camtu..banyakkan berdoa and dekatkan diri padaNya bile you rasa sgt2 down..Maybe he is not "the one" and "the one" might still be out there waiting for you to find him..Kalu ade jodoh tak ke mane..You be strong girl!


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sayangness said...

ain syg... i knw one of ur fren tu is me... the same words i get frm my sms i got frm u.. well, mom, thank u.ehehe.. tell lilQis mummyDura will kiss her nxt week k!