Thursday, 5 March 2009

The time has come..

So finally, my current engagement has ended..Well, at least for me..I have started my maternity leave..Its anytime ok! And I won't lie, sometimes cam cuak jugak..haha..I had my usual check up today (now its every one week)..Today, I get to see my baby's cheeks and ears..The cheeks sgt chubby ok!haha..Ikut mama die I supposed. The doc asked "Can you still work?"..Immediately I look at my mum, smile, and say "Yes!". Actually I think die nak bagi cuti kot but I have taken my own leave these two weeks.

Certain doctor mesti tanye kenape amik cuti awal sgt and why bazir your leave? I have no problem working..I can still carry files (limited la), can still carry my heavy laptop and I can still walk up and down the stairs to meet clients..The thing is, the stress yang I takleh nak tahan..Each time I stressed up, my tummy will also feel stressed and so does my baby. And that is one thing I don't want to tolerate anymore! But to tell you guys, eventhough I am on leave, I was never at home during the days..I will go out and jalan2 with my mum..Shopping!Haha..Orang kate lagi active lagi senang bersalin..

Seriously, I can't wait to welcome my baby to this world..There will be an additional member to my family now..Sani, me and my baby..I can't confirmed that its a girl coz one of my friend scanned and the doc said its a boy but she gave birth to a baby girl yesterday..Haha..Whichever it is, boy or girl, we both will accept it with open heart..Tak sabarnye nak tunggu new member!

As much as I'm happy with welcoming my baby, I am also at times, scared of the responsibilities that comes with it..Boleh ke aku jage die, besarkan die, and be a good mum at the same time? But you know what? I will sure do my best, that is for sure!

So kawan2, doakan saya bersalin dengan mudah nanti ok and semoga dikurniakan anak yang sihat walafiat..Insyallah..This will be my last entry before I give birth..This is one way for me to share what I'm feeling now coz I am nervous!

And yes Nadirah Lahuree, dalam pantang orang tak keluar rumah gi shopping2 or tgk wayang!Haha..Keep that in mind soon-to-be Auntie Dirah!


sayangness said...

ain good luck and all the best.
insyaAllah if im in kl il drop by and meet meet Ain Junior okay..
i so cant wait. Tapi can the baby call me Mummy? hahaha

Dirah said...

awk, Qis is super cute. i had a good time yesterday. seeing you and your baby gives me hope tht life can be beautiful.

and yes, auntie Dirah. sheesh. so we go shopping2 after habis pantang ok? haha. love you!