Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How I Met My Husband (Part1)

First time I met him was 12 years ago, back in Shah Pekan..Mase ni baru masuk sekolah tu..Form 1~ budak hingusan lagi..I remember during the icebreaking session, we had to introduce ourselves to our new friends and that was when I first talk to him..

"Saya Nurul 'Ain bt Mohd awak sape?"as usual, I will start..aku kan extrovert?
"Nama saya Sani..." ~then I sort of heard him mumbling
"ha?sape?tak dengar la wak"
"Sani...." again, mumbling
"ape? Sani Samprit?" ~sambil mengerutkan muke, sebab confius dengan name tu..haha..
"tak....Sanizabri Awang"

I can still remember this incident but he can't..Maybe its because of his wierd name that I think I heard..Sani Samprit?buruk gile!haha!And that's it..mase tu je kitorang pernah talk to each other..the next thing I heard, dah ade girlfriend..yelar, orang muke jambu!

To make the story more interesting, we had a short relationship going on between us when we were form two..I mean, REALLY SHORT! sebab x sampe sebulan..haha..mase break up pun, ok je dalam phone coz x sempat nak develop feelings for each other.but I remember he had to say twice that he wants us to break-up..tau kenape?sebab die tgk aku relax jer takde feeling..I just said OK! haha..siap gelak2 lagi..the only thing he said that made me a bit sad is that, he doesn't want us to stay freinds anymore..

After we broke up, I said to myself, that's it! no more coupling in school..sebab sgt2 boring..mase couple sekejap tu pun, I once received a letter from Sani telling me that he heard I was loud, gelak kuat, know, I'm just ME!and that hit me.I said to myself,xkan aku kene berubah?I just want to enjoy school life!I want to be able to be friends with anyone I like..Biase la,budak2..kuat la memberontak mase that is the only one time I had a boyfriend..but not for girlfriend after tukar baju..nak wat camne, even with his reputation, the girls still falls for him..especially the juniors!

And the next thing we know, we are enemies..dari form3-5, our friends know that we were enemies..Even our seniors know bout it!can u imagine? We will try to avoid seing each other's face..I even heard he doesn't like my perfume! white musk by bodyshop mase tu..sampe melekat white musk tu with my name..asal bau je, the boys will say "eh, bau Gina" I change my perfume but they never stop saying that..budak lain pakai perfume tu pun, they would ask, "ko pakai perfume Gina ke?" gile LAME!ni semue pasal Sanizabri tak suke! :-p

Tapi sebenarnye, throughout the years, ade a few times kitorang baik sekejap..but SEKEJAP only!Banyak lagi insiden2 yang jadi..If I were to tell all of it, panjang lak entry ni..when we think of it now, tak terpikir pun mase tu that kitorang ni ade jodoh..maybe banyak bende yang jadi mase tu, adelah petunjuk2 yang kitorang ni ade jodoh but that was the last thing to think of back then..yelar, musuh!nak pk kawin?ptuih,ptuih!

And when school ended, we go separate ways..It doesn't occur to me at all, that our destiny will somehow intertwined somedays..

To be continued...


[et] said...

haha..klaka la awk ni ain! tp mcm cite novel pon ade..sile novelkan.

*tggu part 2*

eh cop, si baju biru tu syahrani ke? eh ke ape tah name dia tk bkn?

p/s:kami link blog awk :P

attie_comey said...

ola ainnnnn..aty neh..cepatla continue..xsabar dah neh..bak kate et, mcm cite novel..hehe