Friday, 10 June 2011

11 June 1984..

Today is the 10th of June 2011.

That means tomorrow I'm going to be 27 yrs old.

3 more years before I reach the thirties.

11th June 1984, i was born in that I have experienced the pain and agony of giving birth, there is no one else I would like to wish and thank on my birthday other than my mother.

Mama, thank you for bringing me to this world and raising me with your endless love and support.I love you so much!

I have received my birthday gift from my hubby.One that I have been wanting to buy but keep on delaying it.Thank you so much sayang..

Still thinking of where to eat tomorrow night as Mr Hubby ask me to choose anywhere I want..He said,

"Double Tree Hotel pun boleh kalau ayang nak.."

So sweet!!still googling and asking around on the best place but I am thinking of Meatworks, Solaris Dutamas. Read it on my senior's blog, Kak Zety (yes, she went there for her bday as well) and her review is mouthwatering..haha..

So peeps, will let you know where I ended up celebrating my bday and will let you all have a glance at my bday present from Mr Hubby!!


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mama_umar_maryam said...

babe!! hebatlah u organized such a big trip! cant wait 2 see ur year end holiday dgn ur family..btw, akak nk say tq sbb join my GA! nk gelak ok mere mehbob tu,hahaha,sgt2 missed that moment! kite mmg sekepale!!

happy blated bday dear,dah tau dh adiah uuu..set golf kannn ;p