Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cuti-cuti Key Ell..?

Cuti-cuti kuala lumpur ya'll last weekend..kuala lumpur?apekah?macam lah kami ni orang ganu ke orag padang jawa ke..alkisahnye Qis dah dok sebut nak duduk hotel..

Qis: mama, saye nak tido hotel..saye nak main pasir (beach) and mandi swimming pool..
Me: Adoii *tepuh dahi sambil tgn wutsapp en hubby*

So at last we decided to check in at Double Tree by Hilton on Friday for 2 nights..xleh nak gi jejauh sebab En Hubby ade kelas on weekends..So me and the girls checked in dulu on friday..So happen I have 50% voucher on the room rates and so happen I have a cousin working there.

So he was kind enough to upgrade my room to a deluxe suite but I only have to pay a guest room it like a superstar ya'll..minum petang and breakfast at its executive lounge..bergaul ngan mat and minah saleh..Tapi my Qistina..mcm berborak dengan member je with the proud of my girls..

Here's a few snapshot of our mini vacation..

 My lil princess..

 The girls..

 Like a superstar ya'll

 The room

 The hall..

The view from executive lounge..level 34..

We had a great weekend!the services was great and so does the room..thank you so much Abg Rizal..And thank you my darling hubby for the mini holiday!!another session soon eh?*wink*

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