Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The girl with no time..

Life is just busy this few weeks..Been going to Shah Alam for 2 weeks..Auditing a client there..Just imagine I have to ulang-alik pegi shah alam for two weeks plus continue my work in office at night and it's just tiring.I'm lucky that the client is nice..

I have no time to go out.Well, not no time la, but I prefer to stay home when I got free time coz I'm hardly at home during weekdays.Weekdays-home is just like a hotel to me..Just a place to go back and sleep.Weekend-Baru rase cam kat umah.People who work like me, are those who would understand what I feel.Betul tak Dirah?

I miss Dirah.Haven't meet her for quite some time.Lucky ade gadget called TELEPHONE.Thanks to it,we can still keep in touch..Just press her no,and the laughter will automatically starts.Haha.. She's working now and I bet it will be even more difficult for us to hang out together.One day k kakak..Malas nak janji..One thing I can tell u, never ever listen to an auditor's promises especially when it comes to a date.Trust me, we seldom have the chance to fulfill it.Bukan tak nak, but sometime we just can't.Thanks to the work load!

Went out and watched Harry Potter..I like it.Well, for someone yang tak bace buku die, the movie is great! at least to me!haha..Transformers pun I tak tengok lagi..Malunye..Rase soooo ketinggalan.Well,that's about it..This few paragraphs tell most of the things that happened these few weeks..And work was a major part of it..Haha..Till then..

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