Sunday, 1 July 2007


Moving out is tiring..seriously!..been busy moving out things and cleaning the house these few days..Sangat2 meletihkan..We came in early in the morning yesterday, Dirah bought me breakfast (thanks dear) and then sesi angkat mengangkat and buang mambuang pun bermule..I thought I had moved out most of my stuff but I was wrong..banyak lagi ghupenye..damn!Went to dirah house later to put some of my stuff there and we even had the time to gossip for a while..haha..Thank god Dirah was there..or not I'll be doing it alone..That's even worst..

Met the agent this afternoon and there it is..Finally,its over..but I'm gonna miss that house..It's cozy and I just love it.If it wasn't because of the rats,and the sink and the door (banyaknye..) we might not move out..The agent was amazed when I told him that the rats dig a hole at the kitchen to enter our house and curi our foods!Haha..believe it guys..But I'm glad it's over..And I am still tired and my badan is still sakit2..Adoi...

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Dirah said...

pnat kn??! awk, kte tgk gambar parents awk kte teringat kat mama awk. kte tau, mama awk mst rindu masak lauk feveret kte, daging salai masak lemak cili api *drools* hehe.

btw, profile awk tulis cheerful, loud, and crazy sometimes? try ALL THE TIME okay! hahah mwa!