Monday, 4 February 2008

Shopping spree..

I was out with my mom, sis and the fiance last saturday..And again went out on Sunday..Tiring, but its worth it..After all, dah lame tak jumpa the fiance..And it has been a while since I went out shopping..

To tell you the truth, I envy ya'll yang bole selalu jumpe the bf/ the fiance..Coz I can't..And that's how it's gonna be until we both jadi kaya..Haha..But as long as we keep in touch, that's fine with me..After all, my work won't allow me to do all the house chores (memasak, mengemas, tunggu husband balik) coz I will be the one yang selalu balik lambat..So I guess this is good for now..

I am now busy searching for the perfect place for my honeymoon..Hope it's not too early but what the hell, I want the best..I was thinking, Phuket maybe? or Bali? Seriously if ya'll got intresting suggestions, please tell me guys..

One of my dear friend lost her mother last Sunday's morning..Banyak-banyak bersabar k dear..Allah knows better..Al-Fatihah..

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