Wednesday, 20 February 2008


There goes another weekend..time moved so fast until sometimes it's difficult for me to even realized what is going on around me..I had too much on my plate that I have to choose which one to digest first..Don't work to hard awak..That's what one of my dear fren told me..Thanks for your concern dear.. but this job really drained me out these past few months until the coming May..

Anyways, my youngest brother got the offer to go to MRSM Kuala Kubu Baru..How cool is that? but guess what? This brother of mine doesn't want to go.. Too homesick to think about the benefit of this rare opportunity..Geram betul menengoknye..Second day in school dah lari balik.. Can you believe that? At least give it a try dulu, that's what I told him..

Yeah, I know some of you might think, kejamnye Ain ni..tak kesiankan langsung adik die by now..But hey, I've been there, done that (not the fly part la..) Who else can understand what he feels, more than those who went to boarding school before? I totally know how he feels..That lonely and sad feeling..Feels like you have no one with you there and suddenly you are fighting this world alone ..Well, itu kite yang fikir..On the contrary, there are a lot of new frens and you get instant brothers and sisters..Haha.. That is what we call 'HOMESICK'..bile homesick and you think of it too much, you won't enjoy doing anything coz all you think of is 'somebody please get me out of here..' Itu yang menyebabkan kite berani take an extreme step such as lari balik rumah..

N he get the whole school kecoh bout this especially the teachers..They almost make police report..Turns out my mum yang lagi relax..Sampe the head of warden said, "saye kagum tengok puan ni tenang je..selalunye mak budak lain dah menangis or dah pergi sekolah dah.." hehe..well, that's my mum..My brother? I think he get his lesson last nite..Straight and clear..

Trust me, I know how good it is to study in a boarding school coz I was one of the product..haha..I mean, there are things that I learnt when I was in school back then which I think I won't be able to gained and learn if I studied in normal school.. Don get me wrong, I have nothing against normal school coz I know, at the end of the days, no matter where we study, it depends on ourselves which path to choose and lead..So let us pray that my brother will survive his days in the school (at least until he's over this homesick thingy) and that may he be strong to fight those evil voices in his head that told him to fly back..hehe..

To my brother, be strong! (this is where he usually stare at me like he's going to swallow me or something).. I've been there and all i can say is don't think of it too much..Enjoy your time there coz one day, those will be your precious moment and you will look back and laugh at yourselve for the stupid things you did back then..But to be able to do that, you must survive now..

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