Monday, 13 July 2009


Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen was awesome! The sound effect and the graphic was fantastic..Sorry if I sound terlalu memuji but I am really satisfied with the movie..Screw the minor questionable scene here and there (as questioned by some people) coz you know what? the purpose of us watching movie is for enjoyment and leisure and as long as we did enjoy the movie, ape ku kesah bende2 kecik yang klakar tu?..The movie is worth it for my RM40 that I paid..haha..

Ku dan Sani keluar wayang tersenyum kepuasan..tengok sepuluh kali lagi pun boleh tapi bukan kat wayang la..Coz kesian Qis kene tinggal ngan nenek die just coz the mom and dad nak tengok Transformers..haha..Seat kitorang sampai bergegar2 dek runut bunyinyer yang mantop!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I hope I get this right) will be next..Then I guess that's all for the year..Watching movies in cinema is not our (me and hubbY) normal outing now that we have a daughter..So, we make it a point that, we will go to the cinema only if keadaan mengizinkan..but for some movies, I just have to put extra effort so that keadaan mengizinkan to watch it!haha...


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