Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Weekend was,hubby and Qis travelled to Muar for Chalep's a.k.a K-ree's wedding..Dah due minggu berturut2 pergi kenduri ke Melaka..We have been attending to quite a number of weddings for the past 2 months..Member sekolah mostly..

Me and Sani agreed on one thing, we would try our best to attend to our friends' wedding especially those who made it to ours..K-ree was at our weeding, so kami pun membalas..Spend a night at my brother-in-law place in Melake..xde la jauh sgt nak travel to Muar the next day..

Tak ramai of our friends turn up but yang ade pun dah ok and we had lots to talk about..Kalu cerita pasal sekolah, dengan mane2 budak Shah pun boleh..jadik jer! So Zaren and Fikri, thanks for the stories and jokes..

To Chalep (don't ask why is his name macam tu coz trust me, u don't want to know!), Syakirah, and Ahmad, congratulations and semoga berbahagia sampai akhir hayat!
So who's wedding is next?

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