Monday, 4 January 2010

Weekends to come.

My first entry of 2010.

Celebrated new year with Mr. Hubby at home.Pukul 12 malam me and Mr.Hubby lepak kat depan rumah bersame jiran sebelah tengok bunge api new year..

After few hectic weekends, jalan sane sini kenduri sane sini, we finally had a weekend to ourselves..duk rumah, masak2, tgk tv sambil melayan little Qistina..+ tengok movie..

Organized a makan-makan session Friday night..saje buat sebab hari tu tak dapat celebrate bday, ini kire gathering before Dirah jadi Aussie..hehe..Takot lain kali orang lain buat, kami tak dapat, I do it in advance for you babe!

Saturday was spent in Pavillion.Akhirnye ku dapat makan aiskrim Baskin Robbins setelah lame mengidam..and no, I'm not pregnant!..I just love ice creams..Did some shopping and we had dinner there as well.

Sunday sempat la menghabiskan duit kat funfair..thanks Zana for the info.haha..and we won a teddy bear for Qistina..yey!!

So there you go..My first weekend of 2010 with family and loved ones.. Normal but fun..Leisure but great!

I have tons things on my 2010-to-do-list..And my list promise me more awesome weekends to come!!

I just can't wait!

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Nadirah said...

aww. tht was for my bday? really? sorry i spent most of it sleeping on Qis' mattress. haha. since the nite before, pening kepala tak sudah2.

and of course im going to have a proper makan2 sesh with you before i go!

ps. funfair kat rumah shaz eh? haha kite rasa dah abs dah kite, shaz and amoi explore funfair tu. siap masuk rumah hantu! haha.