Tuesday, 29 December 2009

let go, start new!

It's only a few days away to 2010.A new year.A new chapter.Actually,same sets of dates but with a different year.So much can happen within a year but sometimes, we can only remember a few.And those few, are the most significant, most memorable to us.

2009 has been quite a year to me.

It's the year I gave birth to my first child.11 Mac 2009.An experience I would never forget.Sakitnye pun, saya takkan lupe..It's the year I become a mother, embarking to a new chapter of my life.Little I know about what would happen in the future but one thing I know now for sure, I will learn and try to be a good mother to my children.Insyallah.

It's the year I add another role to my daily life.I'm a daughter, a wife, a friend,someone's best friend, a sister, a worker and this year, I am officially adding in a new role, a mother. Imagine that. Trust me, this 'mother' role, will overrule your other roles most of the time.And I mean it!

So to my dear friends (you know who you are),walaupun saya tak selalu dapat hang-out sekali,you know you can always count on me for favours and advice.And thank you for your love and support.Terima kasih sebab memahami..

To my dear hubby, your continuos, endless love and support means so much to me.Terima kasih sebab sentiasa disisi ayang, through my ups and downs..May 2010 and future years be a better one for us.Semoga kite tabah and sabar menghadapi dugaan yang mendatang.May allah blessed us with love,more kids and prosperity.*wink*. I love you forever, every single day of forever hun!

So peeps, may 2010 be a better one for us all.Look forward and let go of the past.What is done can never be undone. So we made a mistake,but there's no need to dwell on it.Let go and prepare yourself for what's coming.

2010, bring it on!

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