Friday, 12 March 2010

12 months since that day...

It has been a year..but I can still remember the pain and the agony of giving birth to Arissa Qistina Sani.I won't ever forget that day..The day I first laid my eyes on her and hear her first cry..The day my life changed to be a better one..

11 MAC 2009.

Yesterday, 11 MAC 2010, it's my baby's birthday.To tell you the truth, I am the most excited one.I have tons of ideas of presents and birthday bash plans for her..

I can tell you, she barely understand what's the occasion yesterday.She stares blankly at my face when I first wish her and sang the birthday song to her but it's only for a few sec before she dance and smile happily at the song.She would dance and clap her hands each time someone sing her the birthday song.

Happy Birthday to my beloved daughter, Arissa Qistina Sani bt Sanizabri!May you grow up to be a wise,smart and wonderful person..and abover all,'jadi anak yang solehah'..

She can now walk confidently, dance to any music, say hi and shake everybody's hand, talk like she knows everything, imitates people's behaviour and much more..Most of the time,I would be suprised of the things she's capable of..

Will organize her a small but fun birthday bash soon!with families and close friends..I doubt she would understand that we are celebrating her on that day but I am sure she'll be the happiest person in the room to see kids of her age or maybe older on that day..

toodles peeps!

p/s: I will be updating you guys on my langkawi trip much had happened since the day I was back from Langkawi..but things are better now and I will certainly share my experiences on the trip ASAP!!

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