Thursday, 30 September 2010

When I thought it wouldn't last..

I was browsing through my old entry when I realized that my blog is now 3 years old..Huh?3 years?not bad huh..Looking back,my entries was about all stages of my life since I started working..

The crazy work loads..

The day I got engaged..

Drama at work..

The wedding preparation..

The wedding..

The day I found out I'm pregnant..

The day I become a mother..

The stories of my princess..

And my other daily rambles..

The first entry was on 11th June 2007.Actually, I have another blog before this one but I decided to start new when I started working in EY..

I questioned whether this blog will last long enough since the last one doesn't..but hey, this baby of mine survived eh?who would have guessed?

I am so proud of myself. Insyallah, I will continue writing and telling my dear peeps out there about the journey of my daily life..

I hope that one day I can share this blog, all my thoughts and experiences with my children!

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