Monday, 21 November 2011


sekarang ni susah betul nak dapat mood nak update blog. banyak bebenor koghijenye kat ofis.3 companies' account and 1 ISO audit.setiap bulan ade je nak kene kejar..but still, I'm happy and tak stress.itu yang penting.


My princess dah 2 tahun 8 bulan and she talks a lot.well, nak blame siape sebab mamanye pun becok sikit..hehe..she ask questions most of the time and sangat cepat pick I have to remind myself and others around me to mind our language sebab Qis sgt suke imitate.

anyways, will be sending her to CIC (children Islamic Centre) next year for playschool session.Half day je lepas tu nenek die jage balik..but she is sooo excited and so do I!orientation will begin on the 16th Dec till 31st Dec.

Oh btw, insyallah tahun depan kalau diizinkan Allah nak lagi sorang..huhu..xnak tunggu lame2 coz I want another one.Semoga dipermudahkan.Insyallah.doakan saye ok darl?

SEA Games

Well, the games are still on and I have to say something about it.So proud of you Malaysia!and to the host, BOOOOOOOOO..shame on you for being so x professional!macam2 ko buat kat Malaysian ye?

Looking forward for the football final tonight, Malaysia vs Indonesia. Winning would be so, alhamdulillah but if not, i'm still proud of the team, of Malaysia. but no 14 still pissed me off.



KOREA here we come!8days 7 nights ya'll.So excited and Korea dear, please be nice to us!semoga dipermudahkan segalanya Insyallah..

I'm almost done with the packing (terlebih excited eh?) and we are good to go!

Ok, sekali update nak tulih sampai 2-3 issue kan?nampak sgt xde idea.Oh blog sayang, I know I have been ignoring you lately but will try my best to visit and update u regularly eh sayang?

Till then..

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Nana Aris said...

bestnye bleh plan bile pregnant..huhu insyaAllah ade rezeki tu..doakan rezeki aku jugak =)