Thursday, 30 August 2007

Bla..bla..bla..(tak tau nak letak tajuk ape)

I had a blast holiday.Took leave for 3 days so 5 days of holiday (from work) including weekend.

I'm unassigned (it means I am not assigned to any engagement for now).Seronok pun ye,boring pun ye jugak coz all day duduk ofis buat bodoh..haha..

Akhirnye went to spent a nite at Dirah's house after a few times tak jadi and of course,gossips...gossips...all nite...(actually not all nite la sebab pukul 12.20 camtu I dah lelap..)

Find this in one of my girlfren's blog 'nobody should ever make you feel like s**t and that you don't deserve better'.I concur!Nobody should and never ever allow it to happen coz they will pijak your kepale once they realized they have succeeded in making u feel that way.So,it's quite important to have good frens around you to help you see things that we can't see..

Finally, I'm officially booked!



mynn said...

are u ever gonna gimme ur new number..??

*merajuk la ngn ain*

ha ha ha hahhh~

'ainamin said...

kite tak bagi awak eh?
huhu..sorry dear..

mynn said...

takmo kawannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

;((----> double chin. hohoho~