Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My Favourite...

I curi this idea from one of my friend's blog (thanks Julie dear!)

My favourite smell
Polo Black (for men) and bau daun kari...Ahhhhh..
My favourite sleeping position
'Mengiring'..Erm..what do you call that in English?I really tak ingat la..
My favourite animal
It has to be cat! Tapi malangnye,I'm so alergic to them..But I love cats so much that sometimes I tend to forget that I'm alergic to their furrrr,to be precised..Miss Bina and Fab!
My favourite house
Gotta be the Pandan Perdana house.Why?Coz of the people living in it sampe I think that house is for Orang Sakit Jiwe..haha..We had hell of a time!
My favourite drama
Should I mention this?Or more to repeat this?Haha!Drama 'Maafkan Aku' (with a bit of a stunt where the hero hantuk kepale haha) staring Dirah and *ttuutt*.haha..Jangan mara eh kakak..Luv u!
My favourite time of the day
Balik keje awal..
My favourite voice
Those I love..especially mase ngah tension, and they call me to cheer me up..
My favourite season
Musim buah..langsat..rambutan..manggis..durian..Jangan jeles ye Julie!haha..
My favourite event
Family holiday!
My favourite moment
Hmmmm..I'll keep this to myself for now k..
My favourite line
Ngomong sama tangan!haha..


Dirah said...

hahahha. melampau btul la kawan2 kte yg gle ni. i should get an award for this!

mynn said...


yes. the fav drama of the life!! ;p