Sunday, 19 August 2007

A graduation to forget...

Had my graduation yesterday.All I can say is that my college doesn't know how to appreciate it's student at all.I regreted going even I was there for my ACCA.Oh,I almost forgotten,who am I kidding.I am talking about my can I expect them to recognised and realised the value of ACCA.Don't get me wrong,I'm not talking bout mdm Husni.I know she's done all she can.She's the best mentor and I know she is as dissapointed as Wani and me.

Here how the graduation went.We were there (me and Wani) as we were told that this year our college nak buat special sikit coz this is the first batch under them with a 100% pass.So we thought,ha...finally college nak give acknowledgement and recognition to its student.Yela..bile tak lulus cakap 'kenape tak boleh lulus.Sepatutnye lulus and tak lulus is not an option' I mean,hello..we are talking about ACCA if you haven't notice.Cakap senang la..Cube sit for the exams.It really shows the mentality of certain people when they talk about ACCA as if it is thesame as other courses.

I'm not saying ACCA is the best and other courses are not.Other courses are in their on class and so does ACCA.I mean if we really look at it, there is not many anak melayu with ACCA qualification.So,macam mane kite nak sedarkan anak melayu that ACCA is good and it will add value to ourself especially sebagai anak melayu yang selalu dianggap ketinggalan oleh bangse lain if they can't see the recognition given to those who passes.For a start,how can their student see that kat luar orang recognised people with ACCA qualification if college itu sendiri tak recognised and appreciate?

Seriously,I felt as if I was at the graduation to accept a diploma or something.Wani and I amik sijil sekali ngan budak2 DBS and CAT.Like,how would people know which one is which you know what I mean?I'm not asking for a first class treatment.Bukan mintak dilayan macam raje..Cume we were hoping that we are appreciated or at least acknowledgement..Tapi satu pun tak..Big DISSAPPOINTMENT there.And kesian our parents datang jauh2 just to see and ordinary graduation.Sumpah kalu aku tau macam tu, I would not have come at all.Bazir RM180 je..

Bile kite tak lulus,macam2 dicakap (certain people) but when we lulus, they expect us to carry the college name and promote them but what do we get in return?I would not be proud of the college,where I studied if the college itself does not appreciate and recognised its student.Because all this while, aku dengan banggenye sebut buat ACCA kat K*** walaupun aku tau orang pasti akan tanye 'katne tu?'.But that will change for now on.But this doesn't mean I have forgotten the lecturers who have been a great mentor and teacher throughout my study.They are part of the reason I am where I am now.

As my father said, HANYA MANIKAM KENAL JAUHARINYE!Panjang lagi kalu nak will never end.HAHA..

Till then guys..

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