Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What I Did,Do and Will Do..

Went out with Dirah last Saturday.Thanks for temaning me dear.Tiring journey.Habis satu Bangi and Kajang we pusing2..haha..lucky I was with Dirah..It turns out to be a fun one!

Watched Rush Hour 3 with my family later that nite.Nice!Hilarious!

Work is as usual.Group trip to Bali has been cancelled coz a lot of people don wan to go.So the place has been changed to Langkawi(we only have to pay 100 u know).But who cares,I'm not going anyway.Not for this year at least.Malas la..Don't feel like goin.If going with those who went to perhentian with me,then definitely I'll go!

Went for a photo sessionwith my family.It has been a while since we take family photos.I mean studio photos.

Sungek's wedding is just around the corner.2nd September 2007.I'm going one day earlier.

My graduation is this Saturday.

*the end*

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