Tuesday, 16 June 2009

11 JUNE 2009

11 june 2009..My 25th birthday..I received my birthday present from my hubby a few days earlier. A handbag with a matching purse from Carlo Rino..Sgt chantek and I love it..Thank you sayang! And as if that was not enough, I received a big bouquet of roses and a card on the day of my Bday..Thanks again dear..

This year, my Bday was a bit different for me. I actually tried to imagine how my mum gave birth to me 25 years a go..Having an experience of my own, I concluded that Bday is not only a day full of celebration for yourself, but it is also a day to remember that on that day, your mum struggled and suffered the pain of giving birth..And I think we should thank them for that..(cheh, aku tak buat pun..lupe)haha!

I hope I'm wiser.

I hope I will be a better wife.

I hope I will be a better Mama.

I hope I will be a better daughter.

I hope I will be a better sister.

I hope I will be a better friend.

I hope for the best for me and others around me.

I'll try and I'll pray that all these will come true.


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