Tuesday, 16 June 2009



Mase kecik dulu mama kate abah yang tukarkan pampers anak2 die..kalu buang air, abah yang cebokkan..x kesah la kat mane pun..Abah tak pernah kesah..

Mase kecik dulu mama kate kalau anak2 die nangis tak henti2, abah yang pujuk..kalu die rase ade ‘bende’ yang kacao, die yang halau ‘bende’ tu..Abah tak pernah kesah..

Mase kecik dulu mama kate kalu anak2 abah selsema, hidung tersumbat, abah yang sedutkan sebab tak sanggup tengok anak2 die susah bernafas..Abah tak pernah kesah..

Dah besar ni, kalu pasal education anak2 abah, die tak pernah kesah nak keluarkan duit..even if the book harge sampai almost RM300.."Anything for my children as long as result bagus"..Abah tak pernah kesah..

Dah besar ni, kalu pasal makan, ajak je ke mane2 abah mesti kate jom! "Boleh jer..Nak makan ape?" Abah tak pernah kesah..

Tapi kadang2 dah besar ni, k.long tercakap kasar ngan abah, termarah abah, termasam muke ngan abah and kekadang merungut bile abah suruh buat bende..Kadang2 mara sebab rase abah still layan k.long cam budak kecik..Abah terlupe that I’ve grown up and I’m capable of making my own decision..Kadang2 mara sebab I have no say in making decision..

But whatever it is, I know that what abah did and will do, is for the best of me and because he loves me so much..He loves all his kids so much and always tries to give everything we want.

Abah nampak je macam garang but hatinye sangat lembut..He seems like someone who never accept others opinion but he’ll listen if we approach him the right way..Trust me, I know my abah..He’s the GREATEST!



Dirah said...

happy fathers day to all the dads out there! :D

oh awk, people will say whatever they want. i say, they can go to hell. its our lives, and we have a right to choose our own paths. i'd rather be happy and fulfilled with life, instead of being miserable stuck doing something that i complain about every single day.

even til the last day pun, i was working like crazy. and kite pun dapat tau ex-manager told one of my friends tht she thought i wasted an opportunity.

but as long as my parents accept my decision, i don't owe anyone else anything. in fact, i owe it to myself to be happy. and so do you! :)

Izrin said...

sweet... :)

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

Dirah: Tau xpe..yang penting akak happy ok..haha

Izrin: Awwwww...