Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Went to Pangkor last weekend with the Hubby, Baby Qis and my family..It was great..Never thought that we would be that much excited bout the holiday..The fact that we have baby Qis with us this time makes it even more interesting..Semue tak sabar nak pergi bercuti..

I was so eager to bring Qis to swim..I bought her Floaties (pelampung untuk baby)..Siap nak cari baju mandi lagi (bikini) but tak jumpe..She looks so cute in the Floaties..the moment her legs touches the water, she starts kicking..The excitement in her eyes and her smile, that was precious..

Snorkelling, banana boat ride, jetski..u name it, we did it..Pangkor Island Beach Resort was not bad at all..Air laut pun cantik but Pulau Perhentian's beach is better..So here's a bit of the memories to share..

Qis was so great during the holiday.Tak banyak ragam and she was in "Holiday' mood as well.Sayang anak mama..Good girl!

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