Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Qis 1st Birthday Bash!!

I finally had the opportunity to update my dear blog and I would love to spend this moment of blogging (while it last) to update on my lil' princess birthday celebration @ Mc'd Pandan Mewah on 28th March 2010..

I had a lot of memories there, at that particular Mc'd and having Qis' birthday celebration there,it brought a new set of memories.A good one.I won't be listing out the memories as Mrs. Time keep on reminding me that the clock is tickin and I had to prioritise my updates,so to speak..*yeah I know Miss I-won't-wait-for-you(time),you can drop the 'jelingan' already.I AM trying my best!*

Okay, there are 3 birthday girls and Qis was one of them..The celebration was also for her auntie Ika and Auntie Tisya, both 2 and 9 years old.It was fun.All the families are there.Kinda like a mini gathering.

Qis was practically sleepy the whole hours..It was actually her nap time but she still enjoys her moment there.The singing,the hug and kisses..I can tell you,she pretty much enjoys the attention, with 'rengekan' sometimes..sian anak mama ngantuk..

Thank you to the aunties and grannys for the gifts and presents.It was all cute and adorable..So,I'll end this entry with pic's from the party..

The Birthday Girl

The other birthday girls

the cake

Qis potong kek..

entah bile la dapat update lagi blog account exec is resigning and I am so busy finding his replacement and getting familiar with the process.I would be doing it all alone until I get a new asisstant..Nak fikir pasal update blog pun tak sempat..haih..but will definitely try my best ..Insyallah..

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