Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Worms?No problem!

Dulu kecik-kecik selalu ikut abah gi memancing.Pantang balik kg., mesti ajak gi rumah Mak Ngah nak mancing ikan talapia kat kolam die..

I can totally understand that feeling when a fish snap the bait off your mata kail..Excited gile!Those were the days and it has been a while..until last Saturday!

I finally get to go fishing again..Qistina pun ku angkut sekali..It's kinda family picnic/fishing with my hubby's family.My hubby's sister from Thailnd was visiting and since he had never meet her before (it's a long story and I don't even know half of it!) we decided to go back and spend some time with her.

Family outing a.k.a fishing was the most fun thing to do if you are in Chini coz I tell you, civilization (ok,maybe I'm being a bit dramatic!) is way beyond reach..1 hour of driving to civilization.(mase ni mesti korang dah geleng2 kepale sambil kate 'eleh,berlagak bandar')..well,I grew up in Kuala Lumpur,so blame Kuala Lumpur boleh?

It was hot tapi nasib baik petang tu sangat berangin..So Qistina and me dudukla ditepi tali air tu tengok abah memancing..Sabar menanti..Qistina has been a great supporter,clapping her hands each time her abah gets a fish.

Anak mama hebat!tak meragam walau panas (thanks to Mr Angin)..Time kacih sayang..and we brought back a handful of fishes..And my sister in law keeps on telling everybody how she was amazed to see me selambe je pegang cacing banyak2..hey,as long as bukan lipas,i'm ok with it.

The weekend was great..I get to know another sister-in-law from Thailand and Thank God she speaks Malay..Struggled a bit though,but I managed..

Cite sikit punye panjang kan?gambar satu pun xde..adoi..I wish I had brought my cam with me.Now I have no pic of us fishing and my sister in law..Deng!

Toodles peeps!

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