Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Happy Birthday Sayang!

12 May 2010 was my hubby's birthday..Since he was in K.Pilah,I called his staff and asked them to celebrate him.I want him to feel happy and cheerful (walaupun ku sedih sebab jauh kat sini tak dapat nak celebrate) on his birthday.

Anyways, his birthday celebration will not end untill I do my part.We had another celebration with my family on Friday the 14th and I have something else in mind.With the help of Rohe, my hubby's good friend and myn (ni tak tahu la good friend sape..i lebiu myn!*wink*) I tried to work out my plan.

And so, on 15 May 2010, we had a small bday celebration at Al-Rawsha, Ampang.The food was nice, the guests are crazy great and the best part was the cake!cantik ok..tak sampai hati nak makan..well, at least I'm the one yang tak sampai hati..Coz it is so adorable + edible (lupe pulak kek untuk dimakan).Ape-ape pun,kepada yang hadir,terima kasih banyak2 for making it happen.Special thanks goes to Rohe and Myn.

The bday boy

part of the guests

the lovely cake!

Ok sayang, this one's for you:

Happy Birtyday to my beloved hubby, Sanizabri Awang.I have known you for so long and I am proud to tell you that you have become a better and wiser man. May Allah blessed you with health, wealth and happinness..I hope you will achieve your goals in life and I'm glad to be the one behind you,supporting you all the way to the top.

I hope you like my gift and the celebrations!Love you so much sayang!You mean the world to me.

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Mynn Hassan said...

taktau bestfriend sape kan? sentap ah camni..haha :P

its my pleasure babe! but sorry takleh stay lepak lagi lame tht nite. curfew curfew hahahh..lebiu! ;)