Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It is so on!Bring it!

Salam peeps.

So this shall be my post-dated year end entry. Didn't have the time to update. So finally, 2012 has left. With a bittersweet memories that will always be remembered. 2012 has been quite a rough year for me.The peaks and the lows..the triumph and the name it, I had it in the year of 2012.

I had gone through something so hurtful,which I wish no one else would travel the same path as I did. Jatuh, tersungkur, terjelepuk semue ade..Yes I was wounded, like badly, but I survived. Allah loves me and Die nak saye ingat die selalu..So He send me his love in a form of Dugaan.

Allah itu adil. Die takkan duga hambaNya lebih dari yang hambaNya mampu..Whatever happened must be for some reason and I guess I shall start muhasabah diri sendiri dulu rather than blaming others. Ini bahagian saya.Ok enough with this i-wish-i-could-turn-time-and-change-everything part of the year.

Lets look at the bright side shall we?

2012, another family member has been added to my family.This time Allah permudahkan semue,Alhamdulillah..Arissa Qairina Sani bt Sanizabri.Borned on the 8th of July 2012.

May both my princesses menjadi anak2 yang solehah. Both are my strengths and the reason I quickly bangun bile jatuh terjelepuk tu..kihkih..

So 2013, I'll be looking forward for what you have to offer. Be it kesenangan or kesusahan I'll take the challenges and face it with an open heart because I know I will always have Allah and  my loved ones with me.

I hope and pray for a better year ahead. I won't ask for an easy life but I will ask for strength to face what life has to offer.

2013, bring it on!oh yeah, it is so on!

May 2013 be a good year for ya'll as well peeps!!

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