Monday, 11 June 2007

...ex-housemateku yang gile...

Dirah: Most of the times blurr..(those days la..huhu..) but now not so blurr as i had trained her how not to be soooo blur.haha..and she evolved..nice!A perfect company for makan2 purposes and pillow talk! She listens and never judge and i can tell her anything.She's sooo tak berkire, and never afraid to admit her weaknesses.

Myn: Most of the time blurr jugak..a bit secretive and sometimes malu2 kucing(i know she's acting, kan myn?)..she dances well but mandi sgtlah lame..she loves to use my notes and others as well sebab she says,she understands more that way..hmm,wierd huh?still that kind of person ke, my A cup fren?or is it B now?haha...

Elly: The most secretive of her,it's all Biarlah Rahsia eventhough sometimes it is not so rahsia sebenarnye..Sangat malu2 nak makan..amik makanan pun segan2..(until sometimes rase nak bagi je seperiuk kat die suh abiskan, nak kan elly?) but she's simple and tak amik ati sgt biarla kite sound die teruk2 pun..haha..wat to go girl!

Zana: Agak blurr jugak..( i realised most of my former housemate ni slow2 ghupenye..).U'll think she's a quiet type of person when u first meet her but wait till she starts talking.She has a cool mum who looks like her twins.She loves shushi and a good company for makan2 jugak..

Julie: Ini memang budak gile..I first know her during KPTM induction. Tak tahan aku tgk tudung yang die pakai tu senget2 (just like her) and so i called her and adjust the tudung she's wearing..finally..Loves to sleep..Fun to hang out with and again,gile!Best partner to gossip with coz she has lots of stories and it never after another..U'll think she's a bit sombong when u first meet her but trust me she's not..

That's it for work to be continue with the rest later..MIZZ U ALL GIRLS!DAMN A LOT!..chiaow..

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mynn said...

he he he.

still a malu2 kucing.

but no longer A okayy. dah advance. hahahha.

and also no longer using other people's notes. er..rasenye la. alaa, tu la awk takde kt sini. kalo x, leh kite bantai notes awk. huhuhu ;p