Tuesday, 12 June 2007

I am Nurul 'Ain coz I'm Nurul 'Ain la..

It was my besday yesterday.Did nothing,eat and then work again.Just when I thought this would be the most forgettable birthday of all, my family did prepare for a celebration.Well, even if it is just a small cake, but I had a lot of fun. The best part was, diorang siap beli topi cam bebudak tu n tiup2 cm trumpet tu! It's like they are celebrating a 6 years old kid's besday..haha..saje nak kenekan aku..but it was fun and we laugh all the time..Thanks to those who wished me.And dirah dear, u still have to treat me dinner tau.R.O.S.D.E.T will do!

23 years old..I'm 23?But i still watch cartoons u know..that's not a crime isn't it?I think it's better than watching Natasha yang melambangkan kebodohan seorang wanita yang dah jadi CEO.Taik depan mate pun tak nampak bile dah lembab melantun camtu..Haha..No offense to those who really likes to watch it!Nurul 'Ain will always be Nurul 'Ain..I'll still kacao my frens, i'll still laugh out loud, i'll still be a i-don-care-what-u-think person, and the madness?yup, will still be that kind of person.Praying and hoping for a better future with loads of money of course but i hope i didn't ended up being as stupid as natasha or as lembab as her..haha..

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