Monday, 25 June 2007

Happy Moments..

Listed below are some of the happiest moments in my life..:
1. Passing ACCA ( I was jumping up and down sampe bergegar rumah ni). I can still remember the happy faces of my Abah and Mama..
2. My trip to Pulau Perhentian...I can't describe how happy I was that time but I will never forget that trip..Rumpun..Labu-Labi..Orang Gile!HAHAHA...The best companies ever!If only I could turn back time..
3. Living together with my ex-crazy-housemates..Those are the most enjoyable,happiest,craziest and unforgetable memories..Seriously, I will never,ever-ever forget the Boria thing..haha..
4. Pillow talk with Nadirah Lahuree..Haha..Seriously, we just can't stop talking and laughing until we fall asleep..We would talk, laugh, laugh, talk and suddenly..silence..
5. Main bunge api and mercun with my housemates..Do you guys still remember that time? We are like kids trapped in a full-grown body..Full grown ke?..haha..Madness..Lari2 sambil hayun bunge api..Well, technically..Syamin je yang camtu..
6. My final year in Sekolah Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Pekan..Full of memories..Mostly good ones..I miss those times..especially when we were starving and came up with crazy ideas which I think you don't want to know..

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mynn said...


weyy. apsal aku je yg kne ni?
haishh..die tu pn same je 2x5 maen lari2. ceitt ;p

and owh. apsal rsnye aku sorg je yg rajen ks comment ni eh?