Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009

Arissa Qistina Sani bt Sanizabri
11 Mac 2009

This is another contest that caught my eyes today at Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009.Interesting I must say.Check out the link below for the contest and the jaw-dropping (ok, I'm over reacting but the prizes are good!) prizes:

Hrm..All the babies who participated are cute and adorable!but being a mom, of course I would say that my baby is the cutest one on the planet..which mom wouldn't say so about their child right?She is the most beautiful thing/person I have ever seen and the moment I saw her after I gave birth to her, I know that my heart would be full.

This picture says it all.Ain't my baby the cutest baby??

Good luck to us!

Pray for us peeps!!toodles..


Syigim said...

lembutnyaaaaa muka princess u. i nk book la for my boys hihi. good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

so cute!

dear mommi
gd luck yer

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

syigim:tq..boleh2..hehe..nanti kalu ade rezeki, boleh diketemukan..*wink*
mariaariffbaby:tq..gud luck to you too dear!!

M@iRaB@bY said...

hhehehe..tomei nya..wish u all d best ...ada chance tue ,dgn ropa model comel cam gitu

Aishah said...

Ain...sungguh ayu ank ko, suci murni.hehe...
anak aku pn nak join gak.

good luck!!!

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

mairababy:tq..ala-ala model tudung baby gitu..ahaks..
chah:join weh jgn tak join..dah berblog ko sekrang yer..suci murni macam mama die la weh..hehe..

hayyan said...

ala comeyy nyer qis...i like! =)

mamaemylia said...

comeinye baby awk,lembut je muka dia...cute

Eyriqazz said...

wah,comelnya..ayu dan lembut wajahnya....bertudung lagi...

Great Teacher Onizuka

harlinda halim said...

Ayunyeee gadis kecik comeyl nie...mcm nk cubet je pipi die... =)