Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Yey! Combimini leg warmers yang ku order dah sampai! Cute and I'm satisfied with it. I can't wait to get these cute leg warmers on my little Qistina.

It is only RM30.Murah dan berbaloi-baloi...I purchased this from There are a lot of cute leg warmers and other kids clothing as well.So go and check it out! (promo untuk ayda..hehe)

I bought this as part of my preparation for London Hong Kong's vacation.It's winter time now and my little Qistina do need warmth and comfort all the time.kalau tak die akan meragam and that is the last thing I want during the holiday.

I must say, this vacation is a long-and-most-awaited one.It has been a while since I last board a flight. The last one would be my honeymoon trip to Bali with my hubby.Actually, I would have gone to Bandung with my family last year but I refused to tag along coz I was pregnant at that time.

I know, siape kate mengandung tak boleh naik flight?Trust me, its not that. Its the flight itself.The thought of sitting in a small space inside the flight (tambah2 air asia) pun dah cukup nak buat saya pening and suffocate.So I had to backed out.

I'm off to Hong Kong from 3-7 December peeps!pray us a safe journey k!

HONG KONG, here we come!



M!zNaNa said...

don't forget 2 take lots of pics tau..tak penah busan tgk gambar2 anak sedare sye tu..* n mamanye juge..hehe *

liana said...

wah bestnya g vacation ke HK...x singgah HK Disneyland ke?jgn lupe beli sourvenier tuk akak ek..hehehe

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

nana: lots of pic,definitely!
kak liana: vacation hong kong-shenzhen-disneyland.ok,ain tapau udara sejuk hong kong untuk akak and kak zeti sekali!hehe..*wink*

Mummy Liesya said...

Thanks ya Mommy Ain buat promo utk blogshop kami..Jutaan terima kasih yg tak terhingga..senang2 leh jumpa lagi .Keep in touch & ucapan pada Qistina nnti besar jadi anak yg berguna yer..Dari Mommy Liesya & Daddy Wan "(~_^)"

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