Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Disneyland

Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Disneyland trip was great.The crazy companies makes it even better.I think no matter where you go, if the people who go with you are great and fun, the trip would be excellent even if the place sucks!We had 25 person all together in our group consisting of family and relatives.
Hong Kong is a very well developed country to begin with but a conjested one, I must say.They have tall, sky-rising buildings everywhere.Jalan pun lalu celah-celah bangunan yang tinggi melangit.But it is a very clean place.Susah nak nampak sampah merata and I once witnessed a dog owner collects his dog's poop at the road side and throw it in the bin.Intresting!memang xde poo-poo anjing dimana2 macam kat Malaysia ni.Pet owner sgt2 bertanggungjawab!If kat sini, jalan sane pijak poo-poo anjing, jalan sini pijak poo-poo kucing.Silap-silap,poo-poo orang pun ade..yuukkss!
Not so much of shopping as they sell winter things and clothing. Ok, enough of stories.Just enjoy the pictures peeps!
Regal Kowloon Hotel Hong Kong

Dah macam anak org Hong Kong

Our little princess, Qistina

The Jidon's family

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

Our trip to Shenzhen was a bit tiring.We had to board a train to Shenzhen and we had quite a hard time with China's imigration .Dah la tak paham bahase lain selain bahasa mereka,maka macam itik cakap ngan ayam!Adusss...We stayed in Green Tree Hotel, Shenzhen.
Their shopping road was swarming with people.Macam semut.Sangat-sangat-sangat ramai manusia.Jalan pun berselisih bahu.And that was quite a turn-off.Pening nak bershopping sebab ramai sgt orang!Ishk,ishk..
Shenzhen ,China

DISNEYLAND;the highlight of our vacation of course!Hong Kong's Disneyland was the smallest of all Disneyland but it is enough untuk memenatkan kami!The parade of all Disney's character was so exciting.I grew up with these cartoons and watching it live was my childhood dream!Dah 25 tahun baru come true eh?haha..better late then never!Our tour in Disneyland ends up with a magnificent fireworks show.How I wish I can repeat my day in Disneyland...
Mr. Goofey

Our little minnie

Disney's princesses

Mickey,Minnie and Goofey
There goes my Hong Kong trip.Tunggu punye lame, berbulan2 tapi sekejap je vacation tu habis.The next thing you know, the vacation was over.It was definitely a vacation to remember!And anak mama has been very good throughout the trip.tak meragam and sentiase happy.thank you Qistina!mama abah sayang Qis!
P/S: Bile Qis dah besar nanti, die mesti cakap 'tak ingat pun ma..' bile tengok gambar2.And she will say, 'jom la pergi lagi ma..Qis tak ingat pape pun..Jom la ma...Qis nak jumpe mickey and minnie..'


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