Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Leisure week..or not?

None of the bosses will be in from today till Friday..Heaven..They went fishing in Kenyir,Terengganu.

My bosses,they always go fishing for a few days a few times a year..And those few times, would be a party leisure time for us,the staff..hehe..

Will be doing some personal stuff these few days..update my personal files,pay bills,etc....And of course,I will not try my best to read the UBS user manual plus (~Zzzzzzzz~) familiarised my self with the new system.Booh~san!

Or maybe,starting to read Breaking Dawn is a good idea.It has been there on my desk like yesterday forever!Hmmm..not a bad idea at all..

*sambil memandang je buku tu..feel nak membaca tak mai lagi la*

or maybe next time!


1 comment:

mynn said...

hahahaha...reading?? tell me about it. i have stacks of BOOKS to read on my desk. and now dari masuk opis tadi aku dok menatap buku Main Market Listing Requirements. buku tu tak terbukak2 dari tadi. hahaa..