Wednesday, 3 February 2010

To Nadirah Lahuree with love..

This entry is specially dedicated to Nadirah Lahuree.

Dear Dirah,

Sometimes you might feel sad and lonely,
Sometimes you might feel as if the world is against you,
Sometimes you might feel you want to pack your bag there n then n board the next flight home..
And macam-macam lagilah..God knows what you feel at that point of time..

But when that times come, kite harap awak tabahkan hati and sentiasa ingat Allah.
Always remember that Allah will always be with you and you have me and us (your crazy ones) with you as well..
You can count on us.Eventhough jauh beribu2 batu, you know we will try our best to reach out and help you, by any means.

I wish you all the best and I know you can do it!
This is what you want and you go for it girl!
Make youself proud, that is the most important thing.Others comes later..

I know you will do fine there.Insyallah.
Just be you.Kite doakan semoga your year there berjalan dengan lancar..
And trust no one but yourself ok!!
*eh, dah macam mak la pulak..hehe..*

Anyhoo, me and baby Qis will miss you.
Keep in touch eh,and always update your blog so we can keep ourselves updated with what's going on there!
And again, sorry sebab tak dapat hantar..
my prayers are for you!

You take care girl!
Love you!xoxo..


Nadirah said...

aww. thank you, awk.

kite dapat imagine kalau Qis belajar jauh2 nnt, mst awak nasihat macam tu jgak kan. hahaha.

u take care of yourself okay. balik nnt kite dah boleh tgk Qis lari-lari. hehe. love you!

zety said...

heheh,ain,eventho akak xkenal sape this girl but i wish her best of luck too..

choopp, kite setuju dgn pendapat hebat awak,SBT supposed utk non-sbp school la kan..bengkek je ..rase sia2 lak kite masuk sbp

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

dirah:love you too!

kak zety: i know rite???penat2 kite sekolah SBP,menari lagu hindustan bagai,macam tak diiktiraf pulak!!hahaha...