Monday, 22 February 2010

A 'package',no mother would want!!

Qistina x sihat the whole week,again..*sigh*..orang kate budak nak membesar memang macam tu..

Package demam+batuk+selsema and this time,plus mate selalu bertahi..mungkin sebab panas..kesian anak mama..

Me and hubby paling takot kalau die batuk..especially kalau berkahak..we certainly don't want to spend any night in the ward dah..serik tengok Qis kene cucuk..

Nak bagi anak mama makan ubat pun susah..kalau orang tengok situasi mase Qistina makan ubat,sure orang kate mama die kejam..

But what to do..she has to consume it no matter what...meronta-ronta Qistina,mulut tak nak buka..sorry dear, no compromise..

Saturday morning I had to rush her to the hospital.She seems like she's having difficulty with her breathing..Plus, the other week, my officemate's daughter kene H1N1 and she told me the symptoms..I prayed all the way to the hospital,hoping that the doctor won't tell me that it's H1N1.

Syukur's not H1N1..die batuk,demam and selsema biase peti suare die bengkak..but again,another set of medicine and another whole new drama mama-i-don't-want-to-consume-these-medicines!


yang penting Qis sihat..I'm sorry I had to make you consumed the medication.I'm sorry I had to force it down your throat.What I did and will do is for you to get better sayang..Kalau Qis xnak makan ubat,cepat baik ye sayang..


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